Kiss Me Every Day

Wynn Jamison is turning thirty Her career has made her rich, but her love life is sorely lacking She s okay with that until she spends her birthday dinner with the woman who could ve changed it all There s only one problem She s married to Wynn s sister n nCarly Evans is tired of her wife ignori

Silver Ravens

The Celts knew it as Annwyn, the Otherworld certainly not a destination IT professional Lori Cooper anticipates when distracting herself with a magazine puzzle page in the dentist s waiting room Clues buried in the answers lead her to Tamsin, who claims to command a band of warriors for the queen o


Winning the lottery is the best thing that s ever happened to Serena Evans Gone are the days of living paycheck to paycheck On her own and fully funded, Serena s excited to open Pet Posh Inn She can t imagine a fulfilling dream than caring for and being surrounded by animals n nGabrielle Barn

Finding Jessica Lambert

Jessica Lambert, movie star and ing nue, is in danger of burning out Returning to London for the premiere of her latest film, she s recognised everywhere she goes When she runs away through the streets of London, she s taken in by the beautiful and mature Anna The two hide in the sanctuary o

A Shot at Gold (Sports, #2)

Elodie Booker was a phenomenon No one had ever taken the sport of archery by storm the way she had Trophies and accolades piled up around her even in her first years in the sport Then, something terrible happened She lost the only father figure she had ever known after losing person after person

Those Who Wait

Sutton Spencer s ideas for her life were fairly simple finish graduate school and fall in love It would be a lot simpler if she could pinpoint exactly what she should do when she graduates in less than a year Oh, and if she could figure out how to talk to a woman without feeling completely hopele

Before You Say I Do

What happens if you fall for your bridesmaid n nAbby Porter has a high flying job and the perfect fianc in Marcus Montgomery n nBut Abby s world turns on its head when he hires a professional bridesmaid to help her in the run up to the wedding When Abby meets Jordan, she can hardly breathe n nMarcu

The Adventurers

They re about to embark on their greatest adventure yet nJoey Moore got her heart stomped on At her engagement party So, she did what any normal, completely rational 28 year old would do she moved to a new city with her dog to start a new life Without much of a plan, it turns out nKendall O Har


It s November 3, 2020, and Emma McMasters has just been elected the 46th president of the United States She s facing a divided Congress and nation, allies that no longer trust America, enemies that have been emboldened, and the legacy of destruction left by the last administration She must rebuild


Josephine Wilder s torrid love affair is with Tangle Valley Vineyard, her family s legacy She s grown up dreaming between the vines She s always had secret ideas about how to make the place shine, so when it passes to her, Joey vows to make Tangle Valley everything she knows it can be Her biggest