Perry Got Married To Her High School Sweetheart, Isaiah Reid They Were Preparing To Live A Normal Life Of Domesticity In The Sleepy Fishing Village Where She Lived Until One Day Isaiah Disappeared For Five Long Years She Grieved For Isaiah But Finally She Moved On With Enrique Lopez, The Handsome And Rich Son Of Her Employers But Then Fate Threw In The Unexpected Just When Colleen Was Busy Living Her New Life With EnriqueIsaiah Resurfaced Now She Has To Choose Between Her Past Love Ø read Love Triangle by Brenda Barrett Ø And Her New Love Excellent readI have read this book several times Love do conquer all I recommend this book Brenda is on of my favorite authors.

Stuff happens after the endThis book proves it There is a paragraph in the story that says marriage vows should have a special clause for soldiers, fishermen, and others who may disappear Brenda s books are always witty and well written, in spite of a few typos My only hesitation her endings always seem rushed my reason for 4 stars rather than 5 Worth the read.
Enjoyable StoryThe heroine in this book was too weak and allowed people to make up her mind for her I was actually rooting for Isaiah in the beginning until his true character was revealed.

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