A PRICE WORTH PAYING was another good, quick read Simone s dying grandfather has always regretted losing 2 3 of his vineyard to his enemy during a difficult time in his life Now that he s dying, he s lost his will to live To make her grandfather s last few months happy, Simone proposes a marriage to Alesander in order to reconnect the vineyards The price He wants her land and her When lies start overrunning, will any of them see the truth interesting read I haven t read a Harlequin Presents in a long while, and I read this one almost in one sitting.
I loved the supreme alpha hero, the passion, the sparks, in this marriage of convenience.

She goes to spain to visit her sick grandfather at his vineyard and agrees to fake an engagement with hero to make gf happy She is getting over her boyfriend cheating on her When two bitter rivals Why, why does her grandfather s dying wish dictate that Simone Hamilton must marry a man she hates The marriage might unite their warring families, but formidable Spaniard Alesander Esquivel is the last man on earth Simone would want to be in the same room as let alone share a marital bed with Are forced to take one solemn vow Alesander s strongest desire used to be gaining the final piece of his business empire but now it seems there are pleasurable diversions for the taking Having a wife could be useful, especially to entertain him during those sultry hot Spanish nights ↠´ A Price Worth Paying? ë carino, ma troppo semplice bella l idea del matrimonio senza sesso che si trasforma in qualcosa di pi , il finale appassionante, ma non abbastanza da farmi conservare il libro per una rilettura.
Love it How sad to be kept from your only relative for so long but how lovely that she could make his last months happy.
Two Bitter Rivals Why, Why Does Her Grandfather S Dying Wish Dictate That Simone Hamilton Must Marry A Man She Hates The Marriage Might Unite Their Warring Families, But Formidable Spaniard Alesander Esquivel Is The Last Man On Earth Simone Would Want To Be In The Same Room As Let Alone Share A Marital Bed With Are Forced To Take One Solemn Vow Alesander S Strongest Desire Used To Be Gaining The Final Piece Of His ✓ A Price Worth Paying? Ð Download by ✓ Trish Morey Business Empire But Now It Seems There Are Pleasurable Diversions For The Taking Having A Wife Could Be Useful, Especially To Entertain Him During Those Sultry Hot Spanish Nights amazingly enough, i like this one pretty much why amazing bcoz i just saw the bad reviews alessander was such a cold number but so hot in bed this couple really burnt the sheets and it was mostly sex bet them i did not feel a connection on an emotional level but i guess the sex was enough alessander was not so bad and simone was overly dramatic in her pursuit of an old man s desires she was such an accomplished liar dat i can t help wondering what she ll get to next she was a very complicated character, a strange mixture of honesty frankness and compulsive liar It was ok.
I didn t get much into characters Alesander was a good into image of harlequin presents hero but he wasn t sure what he wants Heroine wasn t much likable.
She was hot and cold at same time I can t seem to connect with her.
Chemistry was hot but there wasn t any romance or tender moments in it.
In most of conversation they started screaming at each other As if to tear each other apart.
At the beginning I like the story but after that it was just roaming around the same topic.

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