After her mother s death in a bombing raid, Annabel Lee grew up in an orphanage with only a couple of clues to her parentage, one being her name written on a photograph Hearing a piece of music sparks another memory, of words she believed her mother had written, and these words lead her to Paradise, half a world away in New Zealand There, as she hunts forclues to her family, she also tries to resist her growing attraction to Gideon Darroch Troublemakers have carefully contrived to set them at odds with one another will they be able to discover the true situation, and also discover Annabel s true heritage This is one of my favorite of Essie Summers books The characters seem true to life, and the situations in which they find themselves are quite realistic though coincidence plays a strong role Highly recommended.
Lee Had Been Brought Up In An Orphanage, But Had Always Longed To Be Able To Trace Her Father, And At Last She Decided To Follow The Few Slender Clues She Had To Her Real Identity They Led Her To The Most Beautiful Place In The World Where Annabel Not Only Found What She Was Seeking, But Met Gideon Darroch, The Most Wonderful Man In The World, Too How Would He Feel If He Knew The Reason She Had ☆ A Place Called Paradise ☆ Download by ó Essie Summers Come This is a wonderful story Essie Summers will have you and Annabel guessing practically to the last page about the identity of Annabel s father And when it happens, it is a beautiful and emotional scene Recommended.
¹ A Place Called Paradise À Great beginning to a story A cute story Enjoyed reading it.
Another lovely old fashioned romance set in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Queenstown, New Zealand Annabel was left an orphan when her mother was killed during a bomb raid in London during WWII Based on her memories of a long forgotten song, she sets off to search for her father in New Zealand.
Randomly chosen from my pile s of books and it is book 86 of 2011 aim 133 books in 2011.
Book bought in Christchurch when on holiday.

Beautiful story Essie does it again The ending is wonderful and powerful I had to grab a tissue box, which is very rare for me in HP land I usually am rolling my eyes.
Highly recommended for Essie Summer fans Lovely story about a young woman believed orphaned in WWII who follows the clues to A Place Called Paradise in order to find her family.
Annabel Lee has come to terms with being an orphan and after growing up in an orphanage, she works there giving back to the other children the love and care she received.
When a chance heard scrap of song triggers a memory she finds out that the place mentioned in the song she recalls could really exist A place surrounded by mountains and on a lake with a strong propensity for biblical names She meets Gideon Darroch at New Zealand house while researching and he offers her a job in that district.
Annabel and Gideon get off to a rocky start through the ill natured offices of Annabel s ex boyfriends sister who writes an anonymous letter to Gideon When the lovely Venetia misleads her about Gideon s intentions the setup for misunderstanding is co

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