This is a great read aloud for 3rd through 6th graders My third graders didn t want me to stop reading it Each chapter ends with that cliff hanger that wants you to keep reading The author does an amazing job of making the characters come alive and you feel you are part of their adventures Enough plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.
read aloud to my son and we both loved it The author, Alan St Jean went to Luke s elementary school and spoke to the kids about writing and my son was very interested so we bought his books It was exciting and the words flowed nicely some books are decidedly NOT good for reading out loud but this wasn t one of them We immediately started on the second book of the series.
The book is an easy read, but lacks depth Characters, plot, setting, everything could use a littleoomph I m still trying to figure out the point of having Lilly She s suppose to be the smart one, but all I can figure is that MacKenzie seems to knowthan she does The best thing Lilly s done is carry a basket with food The bird excuse me, the falcon is meant as comedic relief but instead tends to annoythan humor Climaxes lack excitement since they re done no sooner than they started The final climax the reader misses out on entirely.
The illustrations are nicely done, though.
Sad to say that if I weren t reading this series as research, I wouldn t be reading the following books at all.
My kids really enjoyed this book as a read aloud It has everything that my girls love fantasy, magic, elves, talking animals, adventure, and a mystery that only kids can solve The only thing that was missing was unicorns So far, I really like this series for kids who enjoy fantasy I think that kids who enjoyed Harry potter might like this as well.
The Remote Village Of Oren, A Child Was Born Amidst A Terrible War A Child Of Peace, Yet Powerful Beyond Imagination A Child Unique In All Of The World, Whose Destiny Is To Fulfill An Ancient Prophecy Of Restorationa Destiny That Will Not Go Unchallenged His Name Is Aidan Of Oren, And This Is His ☆ Aidan of Oren: The Journey Begins õ Download by ¾ Alan St.
Jean Story

I bought this only because I have a son named Aidan, however it is a wonderful story and all of my children love it very much They love the characters and beg me to read it, even my 15 and 13 year old enjoy reading it again Å Aidan of Oren: The Journey Begins · Oh, right, this series.
Not much to say about it, honestly It s your average middle grade fantasy series, and not one of theremarkable ones The characters are archetypical, the villain standard, and the relatively straightforward story goes bananas by the end.
This is good so far.
This is my favorite book of all time I read it in the sixth grade and I still think it was the most fun and creative book I ve come across.
Cute story Rather fluffy Which is typically not my preferred reading, but it got me out of my slump First book I ve read all month, and I read it in a few hours.

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