His number 2760889966649Her number 2760889966651Apparently, one is not the most loneliest number in the world From the moment I started reading this book, I couldn t put it down it was completely engrossing I can t really begin to think of an accurate way to describe the depth of solitude these two people seemingly want to seek out in their lives because it comforts them All I know is that I found myself relating on so many levels in making stupid decisions, in feeling socially awkward, in being unable and unwilling to communicate true feelings, and in being paralyzed by fear It was like an awakening I first thought Alice s story could have been a classic poor little rich girl scenario, but then I realized she was complex than that Desperate as she was to fit in aft Io non ce l ho con Paolo Giordano perch ha scritto un libro mediocre ed applauditissimo probabilmente per lo stesso motivo Non ce l ho neppure con l ignoranza del mio Paese che, in termini culturali, credo stia messo su per gi come un trenta per cento degli abitanti delle favelas brasiliane il restante settanta per cento, in loco, si arrabatta per vivere e pensa In Italia, purtroppo, non hanno ancora istituito un master che supplisca a questo inspiegabile deficit educativo Non ce l ho con una ruffianissima politica economica che porta persino istituzioni insospettabili vedi l Einaudi a costruire a tavolino casi editoriali utilizzando come discrimine il criterio anagrafico sei gggiovane Scrivi gggiovane Hai un vocabolario inferiore alle cinquecento parole Arruolato Ce l ho a morte con i guru degli snob intellettualoidi, sinistrorsi e spocchi Prime Number Is Inherently A Solitary Thing It Can Only Be Divided By Itself, Or By One It Never Truly Fits With Another Alice And Mattia, Too, Move On Their Own Axes, Alone With Their Personal Tragedies As A Child Alice S Overbearing Father Drove Her First To A Terrible Skiing Accident, And Then To Anorexia When She Meets Mattia She Recognises A Kindred, Tortured Spirit, And Mattia Reveals To Alice His Terrible Secret That As A Boy He Abandoned His Mentally Disabled Twin Sister Trailer Ì La solitudine dei numeri primi PDF by ↠´ Paolo Giordano In A Park To Go To A Party, And When He Returned, She Was Nowhere To Be FoundThese Two Irreversible Episodes Mark Alice And Mattia S Lives For Ever, And As They Grow Into Adulthood Their Destinies Seem Irrevocably Intertwined They Are Divisible Only By Themselves And Each Other But The Shadow Of The Lost Twin Looms Over Their Relationship, Until A Chance Sighting By Alice Of A Woman Who Could Be Mattia S Sister Forces A Lifetime Of Secret Emotion To The Surface A Meditation On Loneliness And Love, The Solitude Of Prime Numbers Asks, Can We Ever Truly Be Whole When We Re In Love With Another And When Mattia Is Asked To Choose Between Human Love And His Professional Love Of Mathematics Which Will Make Him Complete Library Overdrive ebook FANTASTIC.
I CAN T BELIEVE NOBODY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this book to me I literally picked it from the library KNEW NOTHING.
quickly did a run down of ratings on Goodreads I read a few 3 star reviews but nobody was raving about it.
Then I saw a 4 star review from Marialyce She didn t rave but said it was touching and sad and in a way compelling to read of these children who grew up so far removed from affection and love My gut kept pulling me toward this book I still was aware of other lower reviews.
even 1 star reviews.
but I started reading while spinning on the spinnaker bike Wow.
I was so drawn into the story I couldn t pull away It s only 288 pages but it packs in an array of ongoing intimate sensitive details It s a character driven novel with juicy intere Ð La solitudine dei numeri primi Ô Developmental AgonyI m not sure how this book has been marketed or how I encountered it, but it s definitely YA not adult fiction Lots of schmaltzy tragedy and teenage angst with a core of unlikely coincidence Very hard going if you re over age 21 I suspect Definitely a waste of time for an old stump such as myself The most significant effect of reading the thing is a feeling of vaguely regretful embarrassment for an afternoon I can t recover So unless you re into mean girls, oblivious parents, eating disorders and self harming, you ll want to give it a miss.
The idea is beautiful Compare people to numbers, compare the loneliness of people who don t know how to belong to the otherness of prime numbers, and thus imply that there could be resolution to their alienation because it s part of a logical pattern, and if they can t belong to everyone, at least they can belong to each other.
However, other than the fact that Mattia, one of the main characters, is a genius mathematician, and one passage where he introduces the concept of twin prime numbers, there s really no mention of this theme In addition, the characters are dull and silent at best, and selfish and unlikable at worst There is no progression The relationships and the characters all follow the same motions, repeated endlessly for the 20 years that are covered in the book.
If prime numbers interest you and that s how the title caught your attention, read Absolute disappointment.
One of the worst book I ve ever read.
The flatness of the characters is an insult to the reader.
La solitudine dei numeri primi The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Paolo Giordano The Solitude of Prime Numbers, is a novel by the Italian author Paolo Giordano, published in 2008 As a seven year old girl, Alice Della Rocca is forced by her father to take skiing lessons, although she hates the ski school and has no particular aptitude for the sport One morning, Alice is separated from the rest of the group and falls off a cliff, sustaining serious injuries Alice will remain crippled for the rest of her life Mattia Balossino is a gifted and intelligent child, unlike his twin sister Michela, who suffers from a severe form of mental retardation Isolated from the rest of his peers because of his uncomfortable sister, Mattia lives his childhood in solitude When he and his sister are invited to a classmate s birthday party, Mattia leaves Michela in a park so he can attend the party without her

I finished this book moments ago and find myself irritated instead of thoughtful I want to love this novel, it s unusual, bleak, as real and demanding as gum stuck to your shoe, but there is no payoff for my time spent with it Each painstakingly set up scenario of adolescent and adult angst trauma is left dangling like a series of complicated esher drawings that lead nowhere and are partially erased.
The author s style is raw and minimal He s able to occupy a girl woman s psyche as seamlessly as a man s and he shines when he s occupying interior spaces she had grown attached to it with the obstinacy with which people become attached only to things that hurt them The lead characters battle with anorexia and cutting very current, almost hip post modern symptoms.
But where was th Il libro si presenta compatto, di una lunghezza di circa 30 cm e con un altezza di circa 5 cm ci si scusa per l approssimazione presenta una sovra coperta di carta plastificata raffigurante un immagine di donna all interno di un fitto boscame Se andiamo a togliere la copertina possiamo notare che la parte sottostante rigida e verde con stampigliato a lato il titolo del libro.
Possiamo altre s notare che le pagine sono di carta e numerate, l inchiostro di stampa nero, se andiamo a considerare l olfatto possiamo ben constatare che odora di libro Purtroppo non ci dato sapere quali e quanti alberi sono stati impiegati nella sua rilegatura, cos quali macchine sono state adoperate per l assemblamento dello stesso, possiamo per scoprire il luogo dove stato stampato, particolare che tralasciamo in quanto poco rilevante Cos come l

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