Ð Alt Hist Issue 4 Ð The stories were short and nicely written They just didn t catch my imagination at the time I read them Maybe the next time I read them that might change You never know.
Hist Issue The Magazine Of Historical Fiction And Alternate History Contains Seven Top Quality Stories From A Variety Of Genres Horror, Alternate History And Fantasy, As Well As Straight Historical Fiction, Including Four Stories Set During World War II If You Re Looking For Something Other Than World War II Then We Also Have Two Stories From The Nineteenth Century And One From The Middle Ages The Seven Stories Featured In Alt Hist Issue Are Restless By Dylan Fox Set In The S Onboard A Fleet Of Download Epub Format ↠´ Alt Hist Issue 4 PDF by ó Mark Lord British Ironclad Warships Steaming Towards China Kleine Menschen By Eric Jackson Is A Historical Fantasy Story Set In World War II Germany Feast Of Faith By Shane Rhinewald Explores The Struggles Of Common Soldiers During The First Crusade Who Don T Have Enough To Eat Three Months Of Summer By Svetlana Kortchik Is A Love Story That Happens During The German Occupation Of Ukraine In The Stork By George Piper Is A Backwoods Horror That Will Scare And Surprise You Battalion A Blinded Falcon And Battalion Into The Darkness By Jonathan Doering Are Two Alternate History Stories About The Resistance To A German Invasion Of Britain Average tales, not really all that good.
I found the stories an interesting mix of mainly WWII stories interrupted by steampunk, historical horror and an unlikely feast during the First Crusade Enjoy where short fiction is on the menu.

Begs the question, are short stories limiting or freeing I suppose it depends on the story and its creator s ability to transport their readers, just like a full novel These short stories were diverse and similar and the only limit existed in your imagination or in one story, the strength of your stomach I won this interesting collection from the Goodreads First Reads Program and it intrigues, scares, and disturbs If you re into this genre, check it out.
I won a copy of Alt Hist Issue 4 The Magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History Paperback by Mark Lord in a giveaway for free on Goodreads First Reads I m glad I did This was an interesting book I loved that each story was a little something different, so it offers a little something for everyone I m going to give this to my roommate to host a giveaway with at her work so someone else can enjoy this great book I would recommend this to all history lovers Thank You

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