If America Had A Royal Family If You Can T Get Enough Of Harry And Meghan Or Kate And William, Meet American Princesses Beatrice And SamanthaTwo Princesses Vying For The Ultimate Crown Two Girls Vying For The Prince S Heart This Is The Story Of The American RoyalsWhen America Won The Revolutionary War, Its People Offered General George Washington A Crown Two And A Half Centuries Later, The House Of Washington Still Sits On The Throne Like Most Royal Families, The Washingtons [ Pdf American Royals õ young-adult-romance PDF ] by Katharine McGee Ç Have An Heir And A Spare A Future Monarch And A Backup Battery Each Child Knows Exactly What Is Expected Of Them But These Aren T Just Any Royals They Re American And Their Country Was Born Of RebellionAs Princess Beatrice Gets Closer To Becoming America S First Queen Regnant, The Duty She Has Embraced Her Entire Life Suddenly Feels Stifling Nobody Cares About The Spare Except When She S Breaking The Rules, So Princess Samantha Doesn T Care Much About Anything, Either Except The One Boy Who Is Distinctly Off Limits To Her And Then There S Samantha S Twin, Prince Jefferson If He D Been Born A Generation Earlier, He Would Have Stood First In Line For The Throne, But The New Laws Of Succession Make Him Third Most Of America Adores Their Devastatingly Handsome Prince But Two Very Different Girls Are Vying To Capture His HeartThe Duty The Intrigue The Crown New York Times Bestselling Author Katharine McGee Imagines An Alternate Version Of The Modern World, One Where The Glittering Age Of Monarchies Has Not Yet Faded And Where Love Is Still Powerful Enough To Change The Course Of History ohmygod i need the next one EDIT This is now the most liked review for this book on Goodreads and I don t really know how I feel.
There s still a part of me that has doubts when it comes to reviewing or in this case, complaining about books I ve never read But this review has been up for 3 and a half months now and so far, nobody who has read it or was involved in the production of this book has commented or messaged me to let me know I m wrong So this book is probably gonna be as shitty, insensitive, and history erasing as I think it s going to be Am I the only one who thinks there s something deeply fucked up about a monarchy in a country that was colonized and stolen from its native people One of the reasons why European countries, some Asian countries, and some African countries still have monarchs is

I WILL read ANYTHING THIS WOMAN WRITES American Royals is a fun and frothy novel as one would expect from the blurb It reimagines history so that George Washington became the first king of Americathe background detail of expanding upon this alternative history is a little lacking though I would have liked a fewnuggets of info about the how and the why America came to be ruled by a monarchy The story is told from a number of different viewpoints which was enjoyable but it also meant that it was quite hard to ever truly engage with one particular character and their storyline as the book kept flip flopping from PoV to PoV too frequently for my personal taste.
I probably enjoyed Beatrice s story the most as it was interesting to see how her life was dictated by her mis fortune of birth as she is heir to the throne and is due to be the first ever ruling queen.
Samantha s story frustrated me the m

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