Such A Perfect Love Only Tempt Fate Young, Beautiful, Sara Demaine Was On The Verge Of A Brilliant Career As A Prima Ballerina, Desperately In Love With Dr Clyde Montgomery And Eagerly Looking Forward To Their MarriageYet One Year Later Both She And Clyde Were Married To Two Other People And Sara Was Living Like A Recluse On Her Husband S Luxurious South African Estate Clyde S Career Was Flourishing, Apparently, But Sara S Dancing Days Were Over ForeverSara S Love For Clyde Had Been A Once In [Rosemary Carter] ↠´ Another Life [china PDF] read Online ï A Lifetime Love What Had Gone Wrong Oh my god To be so self sacrificing She embodies tstl as no one else can For all her goody little sacrificing ways, she just comes across as someone who has a god complex and takes upon herself to play with so many lives, and eventually only ends up spreading sorrow and heartbreak I wish the H had dumped her in the end, pleading extreme stupidity on her part He does sayI don t care for self sacrificing femalesDitto,brother The story works maybe not so the book because of its tragic angsty tone and the premise of sacrificing big for love Loving someone enough to let go, for his or her own good But here, of course I felt she short charges the H as she never gives him a choice or a chance, and goes half cocked after eavesdropping on a malicious conversation And apart from that huge ge

amazing one out of this world i felt so deeply abt the book,it was profound n i was disturbed the synopsis just described it all how life changes in 1 sec, how they were still very much in love yet poles apart 1 small decision made by sara changed everything, set everything in motion 4 the worse poor sara had so much pain, such sadness she coped wid it the best way possible she was some1 depressed n dats y she lived as a recluse she had nthg 2 live 4 she had lost everything she was extremely wealthy but dats nthg n if u read the book, u get the meaning very gud one, very different, definitely not ur usual HP i was gonna rate it 5 star but then towards the end, der was a small story abt a lil girl julie, ofc she played an important role Writing is not bad Good story bad handling h is very shallow to give up on her love of life mere two weeks before their marriage just because of an overheard conversation She is a reversed materialistic idiot.

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