The Allied Advance Across Northwest Europe In , The Opening Up Of The Key Port Of Antwerp Was A Pivotal Event, Yet It Has Been Neglected In Histories Of The Conflict The Battles In Normandy And On The German Frontier Have Been Studied Often And In Detail, While The Fight For The Scheldt Estuary, Walcheren And Antwerp Itself Has Been Treated As A Sideshow Graham Thomass Timely And Graphic Account Underlines The Importance Of [ Pdf Attack on the Scheldt: The Struggle for Antwerp 1944 ↠´ slice-of-life PDF ] by Graham A Thomas ☆ This Aspect Of The Allied Campaign And Offers A Fascinating Insight Into A Complex Combined Arms Operation Late In The Second World War Using Operational Reports And Vivid First Hand Eyewitness Testimony, He Takes The Reader Alongside Army Group As It Cleared The Channel Ports Of Calais, Boulogne And Dunkirk, Then Moved On To Attack The Scheldt And The Island Stronghold Of Walcheren Overcoming Entrenched German Resistance There Was Essential To The Whole Operation, And It Is The Climax Of His Absorbing Narrative ¹ Attack on the Scheldt: The Struggle for Antwerp 1944 ↠´ A great summary of the operation More accessible than the official history Is very useful as research material which is why I purchased a copy for my Museum s Research Library.

I have always been interested in this battle on the Western Front during WWII so reading Attack on the Scheldt before a trip to Walcheren was highly interesting The Book gave a lot of information but was also burdened with a lot of problems that made it somewhat one sided.
The Author tells us that he has used mostly British and Canadian sources for this book After reading the book it is obvious that this was not a very good decision The Book tells us about what the allies did but not very much about what the Germans did In fact few German units are identified and their situation is not nearly as well described as the allied one is You have to go online and search the battle yourself in order to find that information.
The Description of the allied operation is well done and supported by a number of maps bu Most WW2 books covered the US Army s battles in N Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany very few were written about British and Canadian operations in Northern Europe.
This book is the exception, dealing with opening the corridor to Antwerp, Belgium Capturing Antwerp s excellent shipping facilities intact was essential to the Allies success in Battle of the Bulge, breaking through the Siegfried Line, and the final battles on German soil.
Clearing the Scheldt estuary, as this operation was named, was clearly one of WW2 s key battles and one of its most difficult to carry out This book shows how the Canadians did a magnificent job under the most difficult conditions Their success enabled the Allies to be completely supplied than they had been previously.

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