I don t know if this books is just worse then the first or if I m only noticing it now but this was a disappointment Tessa makes so many stupid decisions and she is just a bit too childish for me to truly like this book.
Year Old Tessa McCaide Has Come A Long Way Since Her Abrupt Entrance Into The World Of Werewolves, But She Still Has Just As Far To Go Before She S Comfortable With Turning Full Wolf In The Meantime, She S Avoiding The Topic Of Shifting To Four Legs Any Way She Can Thankfully Her Mate, Dastien Laurent, Is Quite The DistractionWhen She Finds Her Best Friend, Meredith, Getting Sick In The Bathroom, Tessa Knows Something S Majorly Wrong [ read Online Avoiding Alpha (Alpha Girl 2) æ zambia PDF ] by Aileen Erin µ Meredith Was Cursed Years Ago, And The Dark Magic Kept Her Wolf Dormant Only Now The Wolf Is Awake, And That Same Spell Is Killing HerTessa Has No Intention Of Sitting Around While Meredith Wastes Away Even If It Means Playing With Magic She Doesn T Understand, She Ll Do Anything To Save Meredith S Life Including Bargaining With The Local Coven Of Witches And Its Crazed Leader, Whose Only Goal Is Getting Tessa To Join The Witchy RanksCan Tessa Save Her Friend Without Losing Herself Tessa, a witch and werewolf is not having a very good day Her best friend Meredith was cursed years earlier and her werewolf has been trapped, now she has suddenly fallen violently ill and as her life is slipping away, it is left to Tessa to save her But saving her might only be possible if she makes a deal with the devil, the witch who cast the spell and is leader of a powerful coven of witches Avoiding Alpha is such a great book It sits somewhere between a long novella and a short novel, but despite its length or lack of it it packs in a whole bunch of story Aileen Erin has managed to deliver a book which sets the scene for Alpha Divided due out in October , she has introduced characters who will take the stage in b Pop by my blog The Accidental Reader because you really want to I m going to keep this short For lack of a better term I think of calling this series a guilty pleasure of mine Only, I don t feel guilty and it is not a pleasure of mine if life had taught me anything about pleasure I have never before in my life encountered a book let alone a series of books that frustrated me and made me laugh in equal degree.
The Alpha Girlseries has the very dubious pleasure of being my first Becoming Alpha was a frustrating book with a borderline TSTL heroine, who was really annoying the hell out of me only I enjoyed making fun of her So, I kept her As for the rest of her gang, well, I liked Meredith and I could care less for the rest of them Re The 2nd falls short of book one, still I need to know what happens next That s what a supernatural teen romance will get you A quick read, a likable sarcastic and believable teen protagonist confronts her identity and values in not quite the usual way, as an ex human girl · Avoiding Alpha (Alpha Girl 2) Ñ YAY it s book two Although you wouldn t know that it s the second book in the Alpha Girl series by the cover, which I m hoping the author will fix just put on the book that it is indeed book two in the series Sometimes having a mate sure can be pesky You haven t lost your mind, a low gravelly voice said beside me I squealed and opened my eyes Dastien was crouched beside my bed, his eyes level with mine Oh my God How long were you listening Right as she was advising you on take precautions I love how attentive Dastien was, no But I can tell you re happy, and if I did something that made you feel that way, I d like to know so I can make you feel that way again And you don t mess with his woman, he stepped toward Shannon You ve lashed out about my mate for the l

Still on the fence.
My love hate relationship with this series continues While I wasn t completely won over by Becoming Alpha there was enough potential there to make me want to continue on.
I hoped in this book Tessa would be less annoying, she s not and we can add verging on TSTL to her qualities Meredith, the highlight of the previous book is unconscious for the majority of this book and I missed her Shannon, don t get me started on her.
One of my main complaints with Becoming Alpha was that it seemed overlong and almost plodding at times and unfortunately this is the same, so I had to make a decision quit or skim I choose to skim read, at least the long boring parts and this worked surprisingly well.
So again this book didn t win me over but I am going to continue on there s something here, I m sure of it.
Avoiding Alpha is book two in the Alpha Girl series by Aileen Erin Tessa is still coming to terms with being a wolf After the initial change, she hasn t allowed herself to change again And, not only that, she is the true mate of the love of her life, Dastien and is only days away from the mating ceremony But, she has found a new life at St Alibe s She has friends here, others that are like her And she has her best friend, Meredith But Meredith has become sick She was cursed by the head of the witch coven, the same witch coven that Tessa was originally destined to take over, before she became a werewolf Luciana has cursed Meredith so that she cannot shift Her wolf is trapped within her And the wolf wants out If Tessa can t find a way to help her, Meredith will dieI hope you know that this might not be fixable You can t control everything You can t save everyoneBut Tessa i Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis is a cute story about what lengths Tessa is willing to go to in order to save Meredith, her BFF, but calling it book 2 in the ALPHA GIRL series is a bit of stretch in my opinion This installment doesn t even have half of the pages that BECOMING ALPHA did 145 vs 406 which was a bit misleading, and many of the elements that I enjoyed the first time around were practically non existent in AVOIDING ALPHA The blurb suggests that McCaide s bruja half was going to be at the forefront of this story, and I was looking forward to learningabout Aileen Erin s witchy mythology, but unfortunately the lore fell flat And, that s not the only area in which this novella failed to deliver the werewolves are barely a blip on the radar, and there s not much going on in the romance department either.
After such a strong debut, I had high

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