Wilkie Collins is one of the most underrated writers of the Victorian period His The Woman in White was an outright masterpiece The Moonstone was good, if a bit overlong I enjoyed Basil, his second novel, despite all the high melodrama.
Basil no last name given is the younger son of a British M.
, in the good graces of his family as the elder son Ralph is a bit of a scapegrace But then Basil commits the ultimate crime by falling in love with a draper s daughter The father insists on a quick marriage, which is not be consummated for the period of a whole year During that year, the draper s assistant returns from Europe and, while pretending to be Basil s friend, seduces his young wife When he discovers this by accident, Basil attacks this assistant, Robert Mannion, and mauls him.
At this point, things become complicated Basil is drummed out of h Free download available at Project Gutenberg.
Basil 1852 is the second novel written by British author Wilkie Collins, after Antonina.
3 The Woman in White4 The Moonstone4 Who Killed Zebedee 4 The Dead Alive4 Mrs Zant and the Ghost3 A Fair Penitent4 The Frozen Deep4 The Haunted Hotel4 The Law and the Lady4 No Name3 My Lady s Money3 Mad Monkton And Other Stories4 Armadale3 The Traveller s Story of a Terribly Strange Bed3 Stories by English Authors England3 Mr Lis And The Widow3 The Dead Secret4 BasilTBR Poor Miss FinchTBR Blind LoveTBR Man and WifeTBR The Queen of HeartsTBR Hide and Seek Basil S Secret And Unconsummated Marriage To The Linen Draper S Sexually Precocious Daughter, And The Shocking Betrayal, Insanity, And Death That Follow, Wilkie Collins Reveals The Bustling, Commercial London Of The Th Century Wreaking Its Vengeance On A Still Powerful Aristocratic [ Pdf Basil ò ethnic PDF ] by Wilkie Collins ë World All great relationships begin with a little old fashioned stalking The title character, Basil, is son of a man who treasures the family name above anything else Basil sees dark beauty Margaret on a bus actually an omnibus, but to modernize it for the comprehension of others we re going to stick with bus here , realizes he must have her, stalks her a bit, and finds out she s the daughter of a linen draper That s like the bottom of the barrel according to Basil s father He would never approve of any relation with such scum as a linen draper s daughter so Basil concocts this fantastic plot to marry Margaret on the sly with her scummy father s permission, of course because what father in the world would turn down such an offer.
And because this is a Wilkie Collins story and he had the likes of I really enjoyed this engaging novel by Wilkie Collins, which was my second Collins novel The novel addresses various themes and points, such as father child relationship, class distinction, gender, communication vs poor communication, the important role of family in one s life, appearance vs reality, greed, revenge, the need for support, adultery, and marriage and faithfulness I loved how Collins showed how the balance of the family as system is affected because of one member of this system, and how what happens to one member affects the entire system.
Basil is Wilkie Collins s second novel In Basil we see the emergence of the style and techniques that would lead to the future success and strength of Collins s sensation novels While Basil offers only staggered glimpses of a major Victorian novelist, it is still a novel well worth reading In fact, if you enjoy Collins as a writer Basil is a must read in order to see the genesis of his later work.
Tropes such as class conflict, characters mysterious pasts, marital infidelity, ominous storms and many Gothic touches range throughout the story The fact that a symmetry of techniques and a full full command both of writing style and effective character development are still to be fully presented in the story should not discourage the reader.
I found myself looking for the beginnings of Collins s later successes In Basil we meet Margaret Sherwin who is an early ✓ Basil ✓ If Basil would ve just chilled out and not demanded a secret marriage with the first girl he saw who struck his fancy, he wouldn t have had any problems nor a story, I guess Basil is so naive and entitled throughout the entire story that it was hard for me to have any sympathy for him Some weird incestual undertones in his love for his sister also were uncomfortable, in addition to the way other female characters were characterized The only redeeming thing about this book is Ralph, the older brother who kind of saves the day, but is introduced as an unreliable mischief maker and degrader of the family name which is apparently all Basil thinks his father cares about I appreciated this book as a progressive in theme Victorian novel, but the application of it just didn t satisfy me.

One of the best books that I have ever read I couldn t stop reading it Everytime you thought that the story was winding down, something CRAZY would happen I am so in love with the author, Wilkie Collins He is seriously my ideal author read this booknow.
5There is something I love about a Wilkie Collins novel I think it is the way he builds the mystery and suspense without any overtly horrible occurrences I thought Basil rather soft headed and unsympathetic in the beginning, but as the story progressed, I began to feel real concern for this young man pretty much trapped in a mess of his own making I decided early on that the father was not going to be as unforgiving as the son believed, but Wilkie Collins characters seldom do what we think they will do which is part of the enjoyment of reading him , and I found the father as exasperating as the sister was kind The story depends very heavily on chance and fate to draw these tragedy bound characters into one another s spheres When you have After a couple dull disappointing tales by Wilkie, this melodramatic racy little romp restored my faith in the old boy.
Even for a second novel, it displays a lot of the traits one expects from Collins in his later, mature works There s social commentary aplenty, a shady female, and sexual shenanigans.
The title character s a nice guy who makes all the wrong decisions involving all the wrong people One could argue he s a bit of a dullard And you d be right But he s a likable, trusting dullard, and he gets a real raw deal from his daddy because of ridiculous customs of tradition among blood aristocrats.
The only thing knocking it down to 4 stars was the laborious epilogue that shifted from Basil s POV to a series of letters by people who involved in the last stages of Basil s rotten adventure It took the wind out of the sails of the story s perspective and I thought i

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