0 StarsIn the sixth book of the Hawkins Brothers series, Jasper and Sarah are in a committed relationship and recently had sex for the first time Sarah is attracted to and has had fantasies about a three way with Jace Sarah s roommate and designated stand in for her older brother Jasper loves Sarah but admits that he has been attracted to a man in his past When Jace discovers that Jasper and Sarah have started a sexual relationship, he is jealous of their intimacy Jace is attracted to and wants Sarah but also longs for a menage relationship for Jasper as well In the heat of an argument, Jace kisses Sarah and then Jasper Blah, blah, blah throuple HEA.
The best thing about this book was the mystery It was fairly entertaining and kept me guessing The culprit and the culprit s motivation were surprising and twisted I liked that.
Regar This is my favorite book of the new year The romance was so sweet I love watching this trio let down walls to let the others in It had a very nice pace and kept me wantingThe only complaint I have is that it ended to soon.
Jace Maxwell Looks Out For Sarah Tennison, And Wants Her Although The Fiery Feisty Woman Is A Friend, He Knows He Can T Have Her Because As Much As He Craves Sarah, He Also Lives With A Secret, Fierce Attraction For Men And Sarah Just Won T UnderstandSarah Has Suppressed Her Love For Jace, Knowing He Only Sees Her As A Chore Enter Cowboy Jasper Simmons Jasper Is As Sweet And Gentle As Jace [Cameron Dane] ✓ Becoming Three (Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana, #6) [saint-helena PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î Is Hard Sarah Tries To Keep Both Men Separate In Her Mind, But Can T Stop Fantasizing About Being Tangled And Sweaty In Bed With Both Of ThemWhen Jasper Finds A Dead Woman Nailed To A Tree, He Is Thrown Into Contact With Jace The Proximity Unearths An Attraction Neither Of Them Had Felt Before Seeing Jace With Jasper In An Emotion Filled Situation Gets Sarah Wondering If Her Roommate Is Keeping Secrets Then Jasper Admits To Sarah He Once Had A Crush On Another Man, Jace Suddenly Kisses Her In A Shocking Lapse Of Control, And Suddenly Sarah S Fantasies Are Taking On A Vivid RealityWill Sweet, Awkward Jasper Be The Key To Two Becoming Three Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices, M Nage M M F With Homoerotic Content This was a great read and everything I want from a menage read I really adored this book and all the characters in it.
the secondary characters made a real impression on me and I loved that but the main characters were the real selling point.
Sarah, Jasper and Jace are great their feelings for each other and how this relationship developed was exceptional well written I adored this.
the plot of the book was very well done as well and I had no idea till the end who the murderer could beCameron Dane writes perfect menage books and I am sure to read the next one she brings out this is a book I absolutely recommend to all who want to read a great menage I always appreciate characters that come across authentically, and Cameron Dane has pulled that off in this novel Set in contemporary times, this novel is a continuation of a series involving people who are connected to the Hawkins Ranch and the community surrounding it The heroine is the receptionist for the local sheriff s office and is currently living with one of the deputies, the best friend of her brother Hunter who has been deployed to the Middle East They are housemates although both have long secretly loved one another But it is the old thing about not getting involved with your best friend s sister, etc So while Deputy Jace Maxwell stews in his unrequited love, Sarah Tennison has now become involved with a ranch hand on the Hawkins Ranch, Jasper Simmons Their relationship is built on a four year friendship during which Jasper has s Jace, Jasper, and SarahSo this was almost a 5 star review the reason for it not being that way, was because of the feel of the relationship Here are my thoughts mostly You have Jasper, the shy cowboy in love with Sarah Wanted to be with Sarah so bad because she is beautiful and intelligent He is so naive tho which kind of felt a little.
flat maybe I think that is how I want to go about this Then there is Jace, my heart bleeds for Jace He is a broody cop, who has been in love with Sarah since she has been 18 and did not want to act upon it because of his best friend It is getting harder and harder everyday to hide this So finally it came boiling out and they all had to face this fact Then there is Jace and Jasper, Jace started to realize that he has developed feelings for Jasper as well, same with Jas to Jace Then that one day in the hall between the three of them an È Becoming Three (Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana, #6) È Well my first completed book of 2011 I have really mixed reviews about this one The plot was strong and the sex sizzled I just couldn t get past Jasper s poor grammar ain t just really got under my skin and would take me out of the story I don t think it was necessary The who done it was strong and I really didn t know who it was until the end I m just not big on murder suspense If you like hot menage, m m or murder suspense then this may be the book for you.
In this book, we find Sarah Tennison living with her roommate and protector Jace Maxwell while her brother is overseas in Afghanistan She s having a love affair with Jasper Simmons, a cowboy from a nearby ranch Jace is a sheriff s deputy, and Sarah works at the sheriff s office, so when the body of a local woman is found, they are both caught up in the mystery, as is Jasper, who actually is present when the body is found.
This book is filled with hot sex of the m f, m m, and m m f varieties as these three begin to work out their suppressed mutual attraction in the midst of a murder investigation Jace has secrets, among them previous menage relationships Jasper is shy and self conscious about his upbringing, constantly and irritatingly after awhile self correcting his grammar Sarah is attracted to both men, but has thought Jace isn t interes

Hmmm This was a sizzling hot read but I can t say it s my favourite book in the Quinten, Montana series, the main reason being that Jasper and Sarah felt like teenagers, even at twenty four only Jace came across as an adult Because of that, I couldn t really feel the connection between these three characters, deep down I wasn t convinced their menage would work in the long run Despite the promises to the contrary, my gut told me Jasper and Sarah were probably just experimenting, since they had no Sarah or limited Jasper sexual experience before they hooked up, and that sooner or later their arrangement would blow over like a house of cards.
Other than that, the menage sex scenes were well done and felt natural I didn t really care about the f m scenes so I can t really comment on them and the m m scenes were OK but, knowing what C Dan 3.
4 StarsSo afterthan a year of not reading much but MM books I was really looking forward to reading something different, something I had missed a whole lot an MMF story And since I absolutely adored ReneCade I figured another book in that series would be the best place to start in on what I was craving.
Yeah, that didn t really work out so well.
I wanted to like the bookbut the characters felt very 2 dimensional the head hopping didn t really help with getting a clear picture of each MC as they were presented I remember Jasper from the other books but felt like I learned very little about him other than his confused attraction to Jace and Caleb, initially, which made him open to the possibilities of being with Jace I liked Sarah s adventurous spirit but for

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