what a trip this book gave me I cut my book teeth on Thieve s World in my teens, fell head over heels with my first book boyfriend, Hanse, aks Shadowspawn Here I am, todayahhhmmmsomewhat older, a lot wiser and wayinterested in plot, character and immersing my senses in a book Time stood still while I was reading this, and yet, it also flew by, like the pace of the precious Tros horses that Tempus so favors Janet Morris is a master story teller that demands your attention, and I for one amthan happy to sit down and listen From the very first sentence, I was immediately transported back into Sanctuary perhaps the worst place to ever live, but manI would so love to visit The sights, the smells yes, a book city can have a smell, it is all in the imagination the sounds bar fights, creaking saddle leather, animalsI swear, I can hear it all even now She has a way with giving you Beyond Sanctuary is a great story by a master storyteller I don t know how else to say it Unlike too many novels that get dragged down by reams and reams of exposition and description, author Janet Morris keeps things moving, letting the story unfold through action and character, and revealing the world of the story organically some here, some there, details peppered throughout and adding up to a full, satisfying whole Sometimes in fantasy I get swamped with names and histories and geography lessons, but not here Morris s engaging writing style is fluid but not simplistic, evocative but not overwhelmed by minutiae It s a real pleasure to read.
I came across this book while looking for other volumes in the wonderful in Hell series Heroes in Hell, Poets in Hell, Lawyers in When gods, immortals and mages fight among themselves mortals die, and die again Tempus, an immortalised warrior, and his Stepsons must unite with some of the scum of Sanctuary, an ironically named city to be sure, to save a child and themselves from the machinations of a powerful wizard Souls andare at stake in a war which must be fought, and must be won, no matter the cost.
I was hooked by this from the first few lines, as it is a superbly written and very intelligent heroic fantasy The characters are already established but it doesn t matter, there is so much depth in both the world and the characters that the reader finds themselves on a ride of epic proportions Not for the faint of heart the story does not hold back with the realities and moralities of battle, but beyond this th Once upon a time, I savored the pages of Beyond Sanctuary, the first and best spin off novel of the legendary Thieves World fantasy series, written by the equally legendary Janet Morris This would have been shortly after the original publication in 1985 and enjoyed between endless hours of Dungeons and Dragons Boy, those were the days.
So, when I heard that almost 30 years later, Perseid Press had released an Author s Cut edition, I could not resist the urge to stroll down memory lane And oh, what memories they were These were the years that I feel are the golden age of fantasy fiction the height of fantasy imaginations gone wild in every nerd with a Crown Royal velvet bag full of dice Yes, we were nerds back then and proud of it.
However, Beyond Sanctuary is anything but a simple and shallow gaming campaign put to ó Beyond Sanctuary (Beyond Series, #1) ↠´ I thoroughly enjoyed this epic romp through a complex fantasy world of many layers.
Although I never give the plot of any story away, I will say this We have Tempus, avatar of a storm god, and leader of a band of mercenary fighters, the Stepsons, whose busy life is complicated by the meddling of his mage killing sister, Cime, the unlikely attentions of a Froth daughter, Jihan, and his concerns for the welfare of his menNiko in particular.
And with good reason War is brewing, and Tempus and his men are inevitably drawn into the fight at the Wizardwall But of course, events will not allow a straightforward conflict, and a bubbling cauldron of plots and counterplots await him there Mages, witches, demons, even the gods themselves seek to influence his every move, and none of their schemes will be direct.
How do each of them s

Sword and Sorcery at its finest Discover the tale of an intrepid immortal, his deadly shock troops and brothers in arms, power hungry mages, a malevolent witch and all manner of Hell spawned evil This is Beyond Sanctuary by Janet Morris, a classic tale of good versus evil, interspersed with the many shades of gray that lie between the two.
This is a story of epic proportions mages being exterminated to satisfy the near insatiable needs of the beautiful Cime, the ancient warrior Tempus doing battle with gods and demons and a danger filled journey to engage a formidable enemy and avenge the deaths of members of his beloved Sacred Band.
Morris exceptional skill becomes readily apparent as she fleshes out characters whose complex emot I was a huge fan of the Thieve s World collection when they first appeared back in the late 70s One character in particular left such an impression that he remained with me over the years That character was Tempus , created by Janet Morris Obviously that character struck a chord with her, too, and she wrote a series of spinoffs over the ensuing years My favourite of the several volumes that followed was Beyond Sanctuary 1985 , taking Tempus and his Sacred Band from the seediness of Sanctuary to the perilous regions of Wizardwall Cut to today, and Beyond Sanctuary has been released in the wake of her 2010 novel, The Sacred Band The good news is the newly released version of Beyond Sanctuary has been revised and expanded Reading it again after so many yea Janet E Morris Beyond Sanctuary is an impressive writing of dark fantasy set in a multiverse world, where nothing is as it seems The book is chock full of magic, horror, covert military forays, and mature themes, written in such a manner as to pique your curiosity and hold your interest Morris introduced me to a new language, both for adult situations and everyday living Ahhhh, her premediated rippling takes him over passion s edge, and he is falling, place and provenance forgotten There are many characters in this story, too many to mention, but the two main characters, Tempus and Niko carry the story Tempus begins living a curse in which those who love him get hurt and Niko recovers from losing his sacred partner, while a god and sorceress are vying for control of his mind These characters are larger than life and are not a Janet Morris Beyond Sanctuary is the first volume in a trilogy that includes Beyond the Veil and Beyond Wizardwall, and the events in this trilogy take place before The Sacred Band, the magnificent novel by Janet and her husband Chris, which I previously reviewed here for Black Gate Beyond Sanctuary is a complex novel, truly literary heroic fantasy It is textured and layered, subtle at times, and yet always powerful Like the best of all literary fiction, it has emotional depth and human drama, subtext and a philosophy that is expressed through the thoughts, words and deed of its characters, and not through narrative lecture and dissertation that slows the pace of narrative thrust This is a novel driven by eloquent, intelligent characters with real emotions and real problems, with plots and subplots born of the classical traditioncharacters that speak to us, that have something to Sacred Band Goes North To War Here Is The First Full Length Novel From The Notorious Thieves World Fantasy Universe, Where Gods Still Stalk The Land, Warring With Demons And Human Sorcerers And Trampling Unfortunate Humanity UnderfootIf You Like Stories Of Bold Brave Knights Employed In Meritorious Duty, Or Tales Of Ladies Delicate And Fair, Be Warned Sanctuary The Meanest, Seediest Town In All Of Fantasy May Be Too Much For [ read Online Beyond Sanctuary (Beyond Series, #1) ↠´ shounen-ai PDF ] by Janet E.
Morris ↠´ You Sensibilities There Wizards, Bards And Maidens Mingle With Murderers And Thieves, And The Fight Breaking Out At The Next Table May Be The One That Ends Your LifeThe Hero Of Beyond Sanctuary Is Tempus, Leader Of Mercenaries And Warrior Servant Of Vashanka, God Of Storm And War But He Is A Hero Cursed Any Woman That He Loves Must Loathe Him And Anyone, Male Or Female, Who Loves Him Soon Dies Of It Under Such A Curse His God S Gift Of Immortality Is One He Would Cast Off If Only He CouldIn Beyond Sanctuary Tempus And His Scared Band Go North To War Against The Deadliest Demons And Most Malevolent Mages Conceivable In This War There Is No Such Thing As Honorable Defeat, Or Even Honorable Death In A Losing Cause The Winners Will Eat Your Soul, And You Will Live One In The Belly Of The BeastWith Niko, Cime, And The Froth Daughter Jihan, Tempus Faces The Archmage Datan And His Unholy Followers In A Battle For The Rankan Empire S Survival And That Of His Very Soul

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