This story kept you going From sad, drama and hope Loved it Audrey grew up taking care of her two younger sisters while her mom was on drugs and a prostitute Audrey was working going to school to pay the bills until one day the cops and social worker was at her door telling them that their mom was murdered What can Audrey do to protect her sisters Audrey was giving up hope until she was in foster are and meets Anna and Caleb It was a wonderful story I couldn t put the book down Loved it.
Ryann Jansen s debut novel does not disappoint The author writes with such vivid detail, you feel as if you are Audrey, going through everything she endures The characters are believablesome you will love, others you will hate It tells the story of one girl s journey to overcome the crappy hand life has dealt her in a way that is entertaining and tragic at the same time I m anxiously awaiting Ryann s next release Nothing has been easy for the Emerson girls Their prostitute mother ends up dead The girls go into foster care separately Audrey is the oldest of them Sierra is a year younger and Sadie is the youngest This is their story of the grief they all had How they changed and grew Grew apart and came together again Hearts don t break quietlyAnna is Audrey s foster parent Caleb is her son, the same age as Audrey They end up falling for each other Will an outside force try stopping them Find out by reading the book.

hmmm I m gonna have to give this 2.
5 stars I thinkIt has a lot of potential but reading this was like ordering a pizza loaded with toppings only to scrape them all off and just eating the crust It never dug deep into these issues it presented and instead, just skimmed the surface The characters could use a bit development as well, but really, with a bit work and extra toppings I think this could being something 5star worthy è Bittersweet Hope ½ This book is a breath of fresh air One of the best books I ve read in a long time Jansen pulls you in from the beginning with her exquisite writing You ll laugh, you ll cry, you ll want to shake people It s explosive with the perfect mix of romance.
Didn t love it, didn t hate it I am always intrigued by stories about children in the foster care system I liked the characters, especially Audrey I thought the situation with Zach was predictable.
A Hooker For A Mother, Seventeen Year Old Audrey Emerson Is Pretty Sure Her Life Can T Get Any Screwed Up Until, That Is, Her Mom Is Murdered And She And Her Sisters Are Put In Separate Foster Homes That Is Like, The Definition Of Hell Then Audrey Meets Caleb She S Wary To Begin With, But Slowly She Learns To Trust, And To Believe In Herself Even Though She Feels Guilty For Being So Happy After Her Mother S Death, Audrey Download Epub Format ↠´ Bittersweet Hope PDF by ¹ Ryann Jansen Can T Help But Be Grateful That Her Life Is Finally Her Own, And That She Can For Once Be A Normal Teenager There S Only One Problem Her Youngest Sister Seems To Be Following In Their Mom S Footsteps, And Audrey Can T Let That Happen The Question Is, Can She Save Her Sister While Still Saving Herself Touching and realisticthis book hit home for me coming from similar background from the main character well written and had tears in my eyes The book had a lot of potential, but it was too short There was not enough character development and the ending wrapped up too quickly.

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