And Stones May Break Your Bones, But books And Bones Are Murder books Bones Is A Story About An Eccentric, Wealthy Woman With A Secret Who Must Solve The Murder Of John Jacob Bean To Clear Her Zany Psychic Friend S Good Name But The Entire, Suspicious Town Is Against Her John Jacob Bean Is A Relatively Ignored Citizen In The Small Southern Town Of Charmontey, Alabama Until The Day He Is Found Lying Toes Up In The History Stacks [ read Online books & Bones ↠´ czech-literature PDF ] by Eirelyn Sayer ↠´ Of The Charmontey Public Library The Poor Dear Would Have Remained In Blessed Anonymity In Death As Well As Life Had It Not Been For Hapless Psychic, Felicity Taylor S, Misbegotten Prediction Now Everyone In Charmontey Suspects Her Felicity Swears On Her Crusty Old Crystal Ball She Didn T Commit The Crime But Everyone Knows She Was The Last One To See John Bean Alive And The First To Find The Body Well, Except For Her Best Friend Moira, Whom She Was Visiting At The Library When She Up And Stumbled Upon Poor John S Dead Body Author Moira Carmichael Is The Wealthiest Woman In Charmontey But No One Can Quite Figure Out How Or, Rather, As Who And Moira Certainly Isn T Going To Tell Them If She Found A Fun And Easy Way To Amass A Golden Fortune In Secret, Well, That Was Her Business And The Rest Of Charmontey Could Very Well Mind Their Own But When Fissy Gets Herself Some Jail Time For An Erroneous Murder Charge, Moira Promises To Put Aside Her Complete And Utter Disdain For Everything Mystery And Use Her Research Skills For A Necessary If Not Worthy Cause To Solve The Murder Of John Jacob Bean And Clear Miss Fissy S Good Name But She Never Thought It Might Expose Her Own Will Moira Emerge With Her Pen Name And Fissy S Real One In The Clear Or Will A Murderer Force Her To Expose Than Her Throat When She Starts Poking Around In books And Old Bones To Find Out Who Really Killed John Jacob Bean

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