I have never read Westerns before It was just not really my genre That being said, I enjoyed this series Bowdrie reminds me of Sherlock Holmes a little bit He is very knowledgeable about how to solve mysteries and when to be a man of action There was a bit I did not know and he additional factual information about Texas Rangers at the time was very interesting.
Personal Response I thought that Bowdrie was a good book I liked that there was a lot of action, and something exciting was always happening The author also made a good description of when there was action so you could easily make a visual of what was going on This book was always switching characters every ten or so pages because it consisted of many short stories Due to that it made the book difficult to follow, but it was not terrible because the only character you needed to know was Bowdrie Plot Summary The book Bowdrie consists of many short stories put together to make a bigger book The short stories are about Bowdrie being a Texas Ranger and protecting the law That made him busy chasing bad guys like bank robbers or murderers In one story, he even became a sheriff to catch a bank robber Bowdrie would ride everywher I wasn t expecting short stories and was left wantingeach time Things wrapped up too quickly and conveniently most of the time Not horrible just not what I wanted or expected But I liked Bowdrie as a character I will readL Amour soon.
This is a good book about a Texas ranger who travels form one place to another to fight crime.
The sort story s tell about different mysteries.
à Bowdrie à The book Bowdrie takes place in the western frontier during the 1800s It is about a Texas Ranger named Chick Bowdrie and his adventures Although it is a fictional story, this book has historical value This relates to history by showing how towns were ran and society worked during that time For example, many towns were corrupt politically or had many problems with criminal activity Whether this is accurate or not this is based off of real situations as mentioned in the book If only these books were used for knowledge in 2345, this book is valuable Bowdrie is also culturally valuable because it demonstrates the daily lives of these people during that time What they ate, where they worked, and how they traveled are all things that are of cultural value to the future Scientifically this book is pretty much worthless Nothing is men

The book Bowdrie by Louis L Amour was written to satisfy the readers it was directed to Overall, the book was a very good read for the people who are interested in Fiction books written about the frontier days I have read many books written by Mr L Amour, and this is a very good book It was written with great enthusiasm and the readers in mind I would recommend this book to anyone, whether or not they have read a Louis L Amour book or not, it is very well written and an overall good book Spoilers follow below The story is focused on Chic Bowdrie, the Texas Ranger who rides a red roan He finds many mysterious things using his horses senses In the first chapter, he finds a man shot in the back, also called Dry gulched, in an orange grove Without his tool he was riding he wouldn t have been able to find it had he been by himself due to how far back BRINGING JUSTICE TO THE FRONTIERLouis L Amour what a fine writer A man who actually lived and practiced what he wrote Every adventure featured Chick Bowdrie, Texas Ranger, who rides the lonely by himself and his mountain bred horse.
Each and every adventure has a lot of action andBowdrie checks places where the incidents happen collecting evidence, also he speaks with town s people gathering evidence by the party he s looking for It s called western style detective work and a bit of forensic science used which would be a long time coming, this is the beginning Great adventures every one of them a quick read and plots are the same find the bad men but that s were the similarities end A great author who was able to write and incorporate the lives of those brave folks I won this book from a First read giveaway.
Louis L Amour is an American Icon He is one of the great Western writers of the 20th century Having written over 100 books in his lifetime he is the master of the Western.
L Amour has a simple, straight forward style His novels are not overly complex or filled with numerous subplots His books are clean and wholesome and a good read for any one looking for stories of the old West L Amour is a true historian and although the locations are often fictitious, the stories are examples of what that time in U.
S history was actually like.
L Amour s Chick Bowdrie stories give the reader a view of what it was like to be a Texas Ranger Part law officer and part detective, Bowdrie is relentless in tracking down the bad guy.
I will say that if the reader is looking for a book that has some depth to it then this may not be what he she is looking for These s A string of short stories featuring Chick Bowdrie, a Texas Ranger with guts and common sense, unlike the numerous villains he chases down This is not L Amour s best writing, however A story might start off in a dusty cattle town, and soon there arecharacters in the saloon than you can possibly keep track of Then there are multiple fistfights and multiple shootings, and Bowdrie is finally left standing in a pile of bodies Since Bowdrie is no hand with women, he leaves the town s only pretty girl behind and rides off to his next adventure I recommend L Amour s better novels, like Mojave Crossing and Hondo.
Was A Name That Caused The Most Hardened Gunmen To Break Out In A Cold Sweat Chick Bowdrie He Could Have Ridden The Outlaw Trail, But The Texas Rangers Recruited Him Because They Didn T Want To Have To Fight Against Him Pursuing The Most Wanted Men In The Southwest He Knew All Too Well The Dusty Trails, The Bitter Cattle Feuds, The Desperate Killers And The Quiet, Weather Beaten, Wind Ï Bowdrie â Download by à Louis L'Amour Blasted Towns That Could Explode Into Actions With The Wrong Word He Had Sworn To Carry Out The Law, But There Were Times When He Had To Apply Justice With His Fists And His Guns They Called In The Rangers To Handle The Tough Ones And There Was Never A Ranger Tougher Or Smarter Than Bowdrie

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