Though we re tethered to the story we must tell,When I saw you, well, I knew we d tell it wellOh wow When I first started this fanfic, I figured it would be like most other brother sister incest books For those of you who read that kind of book, you know that most of them are all hot forbidden sex and very little or poor storyline I m so happy to say that this book took me by surprise I loved the storyline in Can t Have You I loved how the author was able to make me feel all the characters emotions I felt it all love, lust, longing, confusion, fear, anger, disgust, hurt, pain, devastation, acceptance, and forgiveness I really enjoyed this author s writing The last several chapters sung to me in a way that I cherished each word I read this book twice, I enjoyed it so much Edward broke my heart with how much he felt and how much he loved I adore sweet, gentle, thoughtful Edward I even lov I just don t know.
I mean I get the taboo aspect, but ALL THE FEELS I mean the angst, the self loathing, the anger, the mistrust, this author kept gut punching me And again I get that its taboo but if you read the story, fanfic or not, its just a heartwrenching sometimes skincrwling story that just TORE at me AGAIN I GET ITS TABOO, but seriously the depth of emotion that this author is able to convey with her words is just WOW Not sure if this story is done, hopefully not, because Carlise is hiding SOMETHING maybe he knows but even if he does I feel like there is to it than that What the hell did just happen

Baby sisThose two words reminded me of that pure love he d held for me before, the love he d felt for me since the time when we didn t know anything yet not about love, not about life, when we didn t even know what our names were So I finally have the mindset to review this It s a tough one move on from I needed time to get my head straight, de clog my brain, un fuck my mind, swap my poor heart, whatever.
This is a torrid tale of forbidden love It s taboo, dark disturbing About an all consuming love shared two bodies, one soul.
I was unprepared for the depth in which the author took things, but I held onto every word, nonetheless, fully absorbed Somewhere along the lines, the writing desensitized my morals, removed all labels and titles, made me want things for EB I wanted them happy I wanted them to get help I wanted them to wake up M ✓ Cant Have You ✓ Wow, that was amazing What a powerful story I stumbled upon this completely by accident, and decided to go for it based on it s unconventional controversial storyline I wanted to see how it came together and was prepared early on to ditch it if it felt trashy and gross I was shocked to have become so invested in the characters so soon and so deeply The story begins when Edward and Bella are just kids The background is played out so the reader can understand the deep connection between the siblings twins and their love and devotion to each other It starts out pure, but we gradually learn that what Edward feels toward Bella is so much than a sibling love I couldn t help but feel for them as Edward struggled with his unnatural feelings for his sister and Bella s confusion and internal battle with her feelings toward him in return I found m Well I have know idea what to say about myself I guess I was a bad, bad girl to have read such a thing But I couldn t stop because this story was so freaking good oh the forbidden I love forbidden but I just had to pretend that they were not what they were I just couldn t wrap my mind around that they were actually twins I was disgusted seriously I was but I couldn t stop myself reading this and I tried but oh it was deliciously good this fanfic took me on a roller coaster of emotions There was so much angst I started to feel it My mind feels Like someone hypnotize me into thinking this kind of thing is ok but oh man the hotness of this story I so need to be like after reading thisBut over all very lovelystory of love, forbidden fruit, denial and truthEvery good feeling I felt it.
Every Well written, very emotional, so much than you would suggest from the synopsis I m glad I have abstracted myself from the fanfic reference the cover, the names of the characters for the first few chapters, then I was pleasantly surprised with the writing I hope the author will publish it as a book.
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