I wanted to like this second book as much as the first, but there areholes in this book than your average cheesegrater The characters are shallow, contradictory as is the story It starts right in the middle of things and lacks the insight into characters There are a few things that bother me most How could his new inner circle know about the abuse when supposedly none of the pack knew Carson states he was raped by seventeen men While it doesn t state how large the pack is how could there not be any rumors Ian, Declan and Taylor are supposed to be so overprotective, yet the let the old inner cirlce get in without a whim In fact, after all they didwhy are they still alive and only after the incident are sent on a prison transport It was a set up to see Carson use his powers And speaking of those powers If you were as badly abused as Carson you d do A likable, severely abused little Omega twink burdened with three overly muscled and hung wolf douchebags as his mates who demonstrate a potato s worth of common sense in regards to their little mate s needs when it matters most.
Orto the point a promising storyline, but mediocre execution inconsistent behavior by all characters things happened much too fast choppy and repetitive writing in parts uncomfortably similar to a TV series I love and a sex scene at the end that had me tearing up I was laughing so hard and not in a good way Blech.

I feel like I should write a review because people are liking my rating and I haven t written anything So here goes.
First I should say that I usually rate these kind of books differently than those that areserious This is the type of read where I will maybe laugh at certain parts, skim through excessive sex scenes and maybe like the characters But it is also something I will forget in a matter of days Why do I read them It s a nice change from serious books, that string me up emotionally or require a lot of concentration This is great when I need to relax and I can easily read 5 6 of them in a day.
I read this sequel because I honestly liked the idea from the first book It was interesting enough that I wanted to knowand get to know some new characters Unfortunately this story doesn t have a beginning, the middle is just It looked really bland to me I kinda skimmed the book, just to finish it There might be action but it doesn t feel like action I like fantasy, but give at least a little realism to the characters 3 guys just fell in love with another guy how it wasn t as if they were fated mates or anything And they all look so quick to love kinda makes it feel insignificant The book dealswith recovering from abuse than romance But even that recovery for me doesn t feel real One minute he is afraid of everything and becomes confident way to fast The characters just didn t feel real.
It kind of feltlike an epilogue than a book Like all the actions was before and now just settling in.
ñ Carson (Resistant Omegas #2) À I really liked this second volume While the central theme of the series, the abuse of omegas, continues, the perspective for this story is slightly different It sfocused on the aftermath of that abuse from an emotional point of view, and we closely follow the recovery healing process This added some depth which helped me understand and get close to Carson, the omega telling this story.
Carson is a very resilient guy While he still flinches at the mere growling of his new inner circle and doesn t know how to trust them initially, he also has an inner strength which helps him to fight his depression His reactions were very believable and I liked the fact that the focus was on him moving forward Seeing him deal with his past and grow as he started trusting his mates was a very rewarding journey.
With the addition of a solution to help all omegas who might be abused, the overall s Total rating 2.
5 StarsThis book is less enjoyable than book one.
I liked Carson but the relationship between Alphas the Omega didn t make me swoon as the previous one.
That was.
most likely the worst piece of m m romance that I ve ever read.
Immature and unprofessional writing and a ridiculous non story made Carson a total waste of time,money,breathand my precious coffee nough said 1.
75 starsCome onPretty disappointing, although I wouldn t say that the quality is TOO different from typical Joyee Flynn stories Maybe it also seems worse because the one before this is one of the better Joyee Flynn books.
Nage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal M Nage A Quatre Romance, M M M M, Werewolves, Voyeurism When Carson S Old Inner Circle Is Challenged And Overthrown, He Knows That He Will Become The Omega For The New Alpha And His Betas After All He Barely Survived The Abuse Dished Out By His Last Circle And He Knows That, As Defective As He Is, He Can Only Hope To Keep The Punishments At Bay For So LongDeclan, Ian, And Taylor Have Never [ read Online Carson (Resistant Omegas #2) Â finance PDF ] by Joyee Flynn ☆ Wanted To Run A Pack, But After Seeing Carson And Realizing How He Was Being Treated At The Hands Of Certain Members Of The Pack, They Couldn T Stand By And Let Him Suffer But While They May Have Won The Omega They Ve Dreamed Of, They Quickly Find It Becoming A Nightmare I call this and books like them, my little red books Just like when I was younger and read my little white books Harlequin Presents Formula reading, sometimes good and sometimes NOT so good, but addictive nonetheless grin I find these books give me a short break from theserious reading that I do on a daily basis So, even though these authors are not going to be the next Hemmingway thank goodness for small favors one wasthan enough, IMHO , there is still a need for their style of writing One can t live on heartwrenching angst alone we need a bit of fluff thrown in now and then grin

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