I really liked this story Even in the beginning, when I was a bit skeptical that Charlie would get so into the experience withoutintrospection reflection I wanted to knowabout what he thought of it, how he felt about it I loved the hints we get about Jeff s feelings, though And when they do start talkingwow The wanting, the confusion, and the introspection that finally made an appearance, all made for an intense scene that was so well done What if the whole world had fucked it all up, shoving people in a few select boxes And the decision that was madeI got a little choked up.
My only complaint view spoiler The little epilogue didn t tell me nearly enough about how this was working and how they felt about it Just that it was working and they were happy, which is good, but I wanted to see the how hide spoiler Sweet, coming of age and figuring out your sexuality story Would have been happier with a little less of the prep time chatter, but cute with just a bit of angst.
Favorite quote Deluded into thinking there s something wrong with you, that you re somehow fucked in the head and unfixable and all you can do is fucking pretend you re like everyone else because the world s made it pretty fucking clear that what you re attracted to is fucked up.
Awwwww, I loved this.
Also, I am Charlie when I have to get dressed up any It sure feels all pretty and what not and I totally understood this, I felt completely graceful as long as I wasn t fucking moving Then I felt like a cow on stilts Sing it my friend, so true.
Reading Charlie s transformation to Charli with an I was humorous and enlightening and so well done I loved the connection between he and Jeff and how they totally embraced the boyfriend girlfriend thing This story did mostly showing when it came to the relationship between the two of them which I loved I got a complete grasp on their friendship and how close they were I just wanted a smidgetelling about them as they took their relationship to the next level I know there was a LOT that Jeff didn t say and feeling his turmoil in the little bit he did broke my he Wow Give me a minute to pick my jaw off the floor Best cross dressing story I ve read so far Just shy of 5 stars for this view spoiler I was lured in by the jokes Charlie made initially He didn t take the experiment or himself seriously Then he made me see through new eyes the clothes we wear and their impact on ourselves and how others see us, the make up, even how we have to go about our day in uncomfortable shoes or outfits.
And the scene between Charlie and Jeff was sizzling hot It had the perfect combination of male and female insight A shy drop of a dress sleeve, then the worry of what lies beneath it The sensual feel of hot breath over satin, then the apprehension of what it conceals Very enticing And as if the heat of that scene wasn t enough, the story doesn t end there We are not left to wonder what became of that night There is discussion between the MCs of what Charlie Agrees To Go To A Halloween Keg Party As The Girlfriend Half Of A Boyfriend And Girlfriend Costume With His Best Friend, Jeff, He Has No Idea What He S Signing Up For The Night Of The Party, Jeff S Older Sister Tweezes, Squeezes, And Transforms Charlie Into Charli, A Curvy, Curly Haired Brunette In A Flare Skirted Red Dress The Shoes Are Hell, But The Attention Charli Gets At The Party Especially From Jeff Goes Straight To Her Head When Trailer Á Charlie in a Red Dress PDF by µ Zoe X.
Rider Jeff Walks Her To Her Door At The End Of The Night, Neither Of Them Is Quite Ready To Give Up The Act

I adored this sweet story between Jeff Charlie Charli My only wish was that it was longer so we could see how they grew into being a couple This wasthan about cross dressing The characters explored the ideas of gender and the different ways people can express it It was a gorgeous little story that made me smile on my lunch hour.
75 stars rounded up Hair remover CheckBikini cream CheckTweezers CheckFoundation CheckBlusher CheckEyeliner CheckMascara CheckRed Lippy CheckNail varnish CheckSexy underwear CheckBoob enhancers CheckControl hose CheckRed dress CheckLong curly wig CheckJewellery CheckRed ankle strap high heels CheckThis is pretty much the routine we girls go through give or take a couple of details every time we get ready to go paint the town red and we probably don t think twice about each stage of the transformation but in this instance its Jeff s best mate Charlie who s being defuzzed, tweezed, primped and painted so he can be transformed into Charli , with an I, for a fancy dress party at their dorm, and it s poor Charlie who puts himself through this grooming hell with the aid of Jeff s sister Lydia, just so he can come out the other side looking as authentic as possible, and if the fina ↠´ Charlie in a Red Dress ↠´ What a shame that this story started so lovely and cute, the set up was terrific and when you expected a great ending, it was lame, boring and rushed Great potential though.
5 starsJust finished and I m conflicted about this story I really, really liked the whole set up And the getting ready for the Halloween Party was done very well I loved Charlie s voice, totally could imagine him there, in the bathroom Then also the party, very well done Still a very gripping read And I really loved the development near the end of the evening, it was clear where they were heading but then it started to lose me The dialogue during their night was just odd Couldn t follow it and from then on, for me, the spell was broken.
There was no epilogue, just some final paragraphs taking place obviously a year after the main story and although it rounded up the whole thing nicely, it lost me several pages I really enjoyed this up until around the end of the story I just didn t really like the dialogue and how it was resolved by the end Still, this was a cute set up, just the overall execution didn t fully work for me.

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