Anything written by Master Chia is worth a read.
This book needcomplete info on the benefit of some massage clear precision on meridian acupoints.
and also for some practices you need to refer to other book he has written so info are missing top class All Mantak Chia s books are excellent expressions of Taoist healing principles for the serious student, this is no exception Be prepared to give a serious amount of time and study I bought this book out of curiosity and am delighted that I did so The massage techniques in it have proven very beneficial to me and my family.
Ý Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation ✓ This very interesting and useful book is spoiled by the don t try this at home type caveat of the author Apparently you need to sign up to his Universal Healing Tao System Quite apart from it being a commercial puff, the author says you ll need to get in contact with one of his agents, or you might do yourself an injury by working unsupervised on the exercises Anyone who has read Stephen Russells stuff, e.
g Return of the Urban Warrior , will know that these claims are pretty much bs If you ve practised a martial art, are currently on a practice based spiritual path, etc.
, you can essay these exercises without fear.
Massage Techniques That Dispel Negative Emotions, Relieve Stress, And Strengthen The Senses, Internal Organs, And Nervous System Shows How Chi Massage Employs Ones Own Internal Energy To Promote Rejuvenation Presents Chi Massage Techniques For Every Organ And Bodily System Provides A Daily Practice Routine That Requires OnlyToMinutes To Complete The Western Concept Of Massage Primarily Concerns Muscle Manipulation In The Practice Of Chi Massage, Internal Energy, Or Chi, Is Manipulated To Strengthen And Rejuvenate The Sense Download Epub Format Ò Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation PDF by ↠´ Mantak Chia Organs Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Teeth, And Skin And The Internal Organs The Taoist Techniques In This Practice Are Than , Years Old And, Until Very Recently, Were Closely Guarded Secrets Passed Down From Master To Student With Each Master Often Knowing Only A Small Part Of The Complete Method In Chi Self Massage Master Mantak Chia Pieces Together The Entire System Of Chi Massage Into A Logical Routine, Revealing The Methods Used By Taoist Masters To Maintain Their Youthfulness He Explains The Energetic Theory Behind Chi Massage And How Negative Emotions Affect The Organs And Nervous System By Practicing The Exercises Outlined And Following The Daily Routine That Requires OnlyToMinutes To Complete, Readers Can Strengthen Their Senses Most Notably Vision, Hearing, And Taste Detoxify Their Internal Organs And Glands, Help Control Negative Emotions, Relieve Stress And Constipation, And Improve Their Complexion, Teeth And Gums, And Overall Stamina

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