Even if you haven t been on a cruise this is an entertaining read and for those of us that have it is an eye opener to what happens behind the scenes and beneath the posh passenger facade.
Funny And Informative, This Story Reveals What Really Happens In The Underbelly Of A Cruise Ship, From The Highs To The Lows Susie DProofreader, Red Adept EditingThis Fun And Fact Filled Memoir Gives Landlubbers A Fond But Not Too Romanticized Glimpse Of What It S Like To Be A Crew Member On A Cruise Ship Journey With This Young Musician As He Learns To Live And Love At Sea Kim H Copy Editor, Red Adept EditingWritten By A Well Published Ë Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member: Answers to All the Questions Every Passenger Wants to Ask ☆ Download by ½ Joshua Kinser Author Who Worked On Cruise Ships For Than Five Years, This Often Hilarious, Sometimes Shocking, And Always Insightful Book Provides A Comical Behind The Scenes Expos Into What It S Really Like To Work On A Cruise Ship Go Below The Waterline And Explore The Cramped, Dirty, And Dimly Lit Crew Areas On A Revealing Journey Through The Cruise Ship S Underworld Go Where No Passenger Has Gone Before, And Learn What The Crew Eats, Where They Sleep, How They Party, And Finally Understand Why All Of The Officers Are ItalianClimb Aboard An Adventure On The High Seas And Witness The Wonderful Side Of Ship Life Where Crew Members Have Whirlwind Escapades While Traveling The World Aboard A Massive Sailing CityDrawing From His Experiences Working As A Musician, The Author Tells The Laugh Out Loud And Also Poignant Story Of What Cruise Ship Crew Members Experience From The Minute They First Step Onto A Ship To The Day They Walk Down That Gangway For The Last Time Yes, just a collection of annecdotal experiences, strung together to make a book of interest to cruisers who might have wondered what goes on within the crew arena Not very informative though.
È Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member: Answers to All the Questions Every Passenger Wants to Ask ☆ An entertaining little book that does exactly what it says on the tin The writing style s not the greatest, but it s perfectly readable A good editor would have got this to a 4 star.
This was boring drivel, a disgruntled staff member moaning about their job, get another job Can t believe a publisher even considered this book.
I have read a few books by those who had a life at sea and this didn t disapoint me A nice insight on life on a cruise ship.

Having just returned from my first cruise, I was in a mood to be entertained by discovering what went on below the decks of these massive shipsand discover exactly who ensured that the buffets were continually stocked, the ship was disembarked and embarked on time and those odd towel animals appeared on my bed each afternoon This book certainly met these needs and amused me as well.
I purchased this book prior to becoming a cruise ship crew member myself for the first time After receiving a job on a cruise liner as a dancer, having never experienced being on board a cruise before, I decided this would be a good insight as to what I could expect on board Kinser provides a detailed and enjoyable recollection of his journey through the years working on various cruise liners His insight definitely helped me prepare myself for what was to come for me when I joined my ship An interesting read for those who want to know what it s like outside the passenger areas on board and what we crew can get up to

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