Has Gone To The Second Round Of The Breakthrough Novel Award, And Has Been Awarded The IndiePENdents Seal Of Good WritingWilliam Wyrd, An Introverted History Professor At Long Remove From His Youthful Days As A Marine Sniper, Is Drafted To Serve Overseas In The US Military At Age Thirty Nine Already In A Relationship Made Tenuous By The Demands Of Dual Professional Careers And Their Own Dearth Of Interpersonal Experience, He And His Wife Are Completely Download Epub Format Ä Clothos Loom PDF by Ñ Shawn StJean Estranged By The Blunder On The Part Of The Government But Is This Merely Human Error At Work, A Bad Mix Of Circumstances Or Tangling Of The Skein Of Fate In The Tradition Of Robert Ludlum S Bourne Identity And Follow Up Novels, This Literary Action Adventure Tale Tests Whether One S Present Choices, And Even Ultimate Destiny, Need Be Determined By One S Past CLOTHO S LOOM Tracks The Struggles Of A Husband And Wife To Reunite Against Forces Arrayed To Keep Them Apart Will Decides To Keep His Reactivation A Secret, And Deal With The Claims From His Dark Past Alone Assured By Faceless Authorities That There Has Been No Mistake, And Given A Date To Report, He Falls In With Political Undesirables And Succumbs To Their Attempt To Recruit Him He Soon Embarks On A Quest For Identity That Leads Him Around The Globe Meanwhile, His Partner, Pregnant And Abandoned, Must Navigate The No Less Treacherous Task Of Survival At A Highly Politicized Law Office, Dominated By Two Temperamentally Opposite Bosses, And The Glass Ceiling They Erect Over Her The Narrative Proceeds In An Alternating Chapter Structure, Paralleling Will S Masculine Adventures With Those Of A Woman Enduring Both Professional And Domestic Perils The Common Solution A Razing Of Egos, And The Tempering Of Two Spirits Into Alloy, Alchemized By The Common Love Of A Child To begin, the book is very well written for what it is St Jean s use of words to illustrate certain situations is beyond question However, the book fails to progress in any way I still don t understand who Dr M is or what his significance is to the story Sage was a wispy character with no foundation The character of Domino was meant to be imposing yet it just fluttered out At the end of the book, I knew nothing than when I began However, as I said, St Jean s control of the language is amazing His verbal illustration can be beautiful or terrifying I do recommend that you read this book on those merits alone Perhaps it simply wasn t my cup of tea It may well be yours I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway.
Based on this first offering, I m excited for Shawn StJean s bright future as a writer of military literary fiction I am awarding this book five stars for its excellence married with the author s future potential.
The characters of Clotho s Loom are richly imagined and the imagery extremely detailed The storyline brings us to the heart of the modern wars we mindlessly continue Shawn StJean s biggest strength as a writer is articulating the nuances of military culture, and he very clearly has a grasp on the English language He has a command of so much vocabulary he could be bilingual his second tongue being Obscurity The result is a rewarding piece of fiction that reminds of you of the beauty, depth and breadth of our English language, which I guess is one of the points of literary fiction, and Shawn StJean has nailed it I enjoyed this novel especially because female and male character

Refreshingly well crafted, a stimulating read As the title promises, it is rich with nuanced classical allusions Gender considerations the chapters flip back and forth between male and female protagonists are as intriguingly informative as hauntingly accurate True to its genre, its underpinnings offer a Romanticized view of the struggles we face on a daily basis This multifaceted bildungsroman is the ticket to an edifying summer escape.
Bonus the author s blog hones the reader s analytical skills in preparation for a in depth experience.
Beautifully interwoven amidst fascinating premise, this lush literary masterpiece explores fact versus fate within mythologyGreek mythology is discovered through the three fates Lachesis, Atropos and Moirae, whose influence over the Olympian Gods was controversally received and professed such singularity of thought They touched upon the delicate thread of life and so humans were left to the hands of fate, as everyones present choices and ultimate destiny need be determined by one s past Blending romantic symbolism and allegory, with realism and sometimes surrealism as current and contemporary as modern writers this truly is a distinctly unqiue work As you peel back the layers one uncovers such profound depth, as St.
Jean embraces soci

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