At Scott S, A Quiet Game Of Golf, A Routine Social Call On His Chief M, Convalescing In His Regency House In Berkshire The Life Of Secret Agent James Bond Has Begun To Fall Into A Pattern That Threatens Complacency Until The Sunny Afternoon When M Is Kidnapped And His House Staff Savagely MurderedThe Action Ricochets Across The Globe To A Volcanic Greek Island Where The Glacial, Malign Colonel Sun Liang Tan Of The People S Liberation Army Of China Collaborates With An [Robert Markham] í Colonel Sun [recreation PDF] read Online ↠´ Ex Nazi Atrocity Expert In A World Menacing Conspiracy Bond Finds Himself Working In Alliance With The Beautiful Tawny Blonde Agent Of A Rival Secret Service In The Struggle To Overpower This Ruthless Enemy Who Discards The Unwritten Rules Of Espionage Stripped Of All Professional Aids, Bond Faces Unarmed The Monstrous Devices Of Colonel Sun In A Test That Brings Him To The Verge Of His Physical EnduranceIncredibly, The Author Adds His Own Imaginative Impetus To The Bond Saga Yet Preserves All The Excitement And Eloquence, The Pace And Glitter Of A Vintage Fleming Novel I d say 2.
5 stars, but I can t quite give it 3 The plot is somewhat uninspired Not bad, just typical Bond and nothing too intriguing in the story Not bad and not a waste of time, though with the audio I did find my mind wandering on occasion The villain, Colonel Sun, is fairly typical for an old school Bond villain, but he s kinda cool He has a couple of sidekick sultry gorgeous women and an interesting torture technique that made things a little interesting.
The Bond girl, Ariadne, was pretty good, but not a lot to write home about either as far as uniqueness The reader on the audio was kinda blah Not horrible, but some of his accents and voices were annoying.
This was written in 1968, as the first of the non Fleming novels published after his death Not bad, but not particularly engaging Really, this story would have pro Lost a star for the anti Chinese racism.
Bond is dead, long live Bond With Ian Fleming no longer in a position to write Bond, the estate of Fleming approached Kingsley Amis to continue the story with a new novel Rumoured to have completed Fleming s last novel, The Man With the Golden Gun, Amis was maybe the natural choice.
And to be honest, it s pretty good Much slower paced than a Fleming at his best, this novel never really seems to quite hit the level of excitement or anticipation that it was presumably aiming for M has been kidnapped, and the attempt to kidnap Bond has failed Bond must head to Greece to get to the bottom of the whole affair, rescue M, have some sexy Greek sex and foil an international plot to disrupt a secret Russian meeting.
The book is well written, the style Flemingesque, just not at his best Ý Colonel Sun ë Well, that was a book about James Bond alright It certainly had all the ingredients Bond obviously , M, attractive women one of which Bond beds several times , exotic locations, and an evil villain Yup, it was most certainly a James Bond book That s all Goodbye.
What Oh, you wantOkay Well, you asked for it.
It wasn t very good See ya Still here Jeez, what is this An interrogation Ugh, fine I really didn t want to talk at length about this book because I didn t much enjoy it, but if you are going to insist Colonel Sun is the worst thing to happen to James Bond since George Lazenby zing Just kidding, I actually liked George Lazenby But seriously, this book, man, this book is something to behold It goes to show that just b Robert Markham is a pen name for Kingsley Amis, who was commissioned by Ian Fleming s estate to write this James Bond sequel.
If you like Bond, then you will like Colonel Sun It offers everything one expects in a Bond novel And yet it is better than the average Bond book That is because Amis is apolished author than Fleming or Gardner His story follows the Bond formula, but his prose is better than Fleming s or Gardner s And that is nice.
Where do I start Because Kindles let you do crazy stuff like this, I bought all of Fleming s Bond books and binge read them This was interesting as an exercise as it revealed Fleming s preoccupations, booze, misogyny and bigotry very much included They bear down on the reader with considerable weight You stagger away from the experience with the impression that Ian Fleming was a really unpleasant wee man who had discovered, much as had Elizabeth David, the rewards of offering escapism to the post war British.
Casino Royale happened to a generation of people still coping with rationing, to whom Bond s Krug guzzling, leggy blonde fondling, avocado scooping lifestyle was wonderful indeed As we started to face the realities of the End of Empire, Bond made us feel relevant In the 1950s we needed heroes and leggy women in fast cars to liven I m a huge fan of the James Bond franchise, anyone who has read this blog will know that It s one of my goals to eventually do a review of all of the movies up until Spectre I m not just a fan of the movies, though, but also the books Well, sort of I equivocate there because the novels have a wonderful panache to them which directly led to the films and a deep brooding atmosphere They re also err, really racist at times Ian Fleming gets some defense for being a man of his time and quite progressive in some places real life people aren t cutouts but it can be disconcerting to read things like his description of Koreans It s also something which reflects on me as the reader rather than Fleming himself I have read the novels for both their history as well as their fandom value but for pure entertainment, they suffer because of values dissonance Fleming s writing is also dramatic I also own this in another version, that I read many years ago published as Colonel Sun James Bond Extended Series 15 by Robert Markham.
How can we possibly go wrong when Kingsley Amis takes his best crack at writing his own 007 story The Kinger s rendition fits ably into the Fleming canon To answer your other question, no, I have no intention of moving along to read any of the other continuation novels, none of which were written by Amis, and none of which garnered his approval There was a long silence between the publication of Colonel Sun in 1968 and License Renewed by John Gardner in 1981 If Amis rejection of Gardner s books is not enough to persuade you to avoid them, consider Philip Larkin s concurrence Their unanimous condemnation of Gardner s Bond books as sodding tame ought to keep you from them forever.
There is a lot of fun here for fans of both Bond and of Amis, and for you weirdos who enjoy both this will be indispensable reading I do

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