Is Not The Absence Of Fear, Says Osho It Is, Rather, The Total Presence Of Fear, With The Courage To Face It This Book Provides A Bird S Eye View Of The Whole Terrain Where Fears Originate, How To Understand Them, And How To Find The Courage To Face Them In The Process, Osho Proposes That Whenever We Are Faced With Uncertainty And Change In Our Lives, It Is Actually A Cause For Celebration Instead Of Trying To Hang On To The Familiar [ Pdf Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously ☆ batman PDF ] by Osho × And The Known, We Can Learn To Enjoy These Situations As Opportunities For Adventure And For Deepening Our Understanding Of Ourselves And The World Around UsThe Book Begins With An In Depth Exploration Of The Meaning Of Courage And How It Is Expressed In The Everyday Life Of The Individual Unlike books That Focus On Heroic Acts Of Courage In Exceptional Circumstances, The Focus Here Is On Developing The Inner Courage That Enables Us To Lead Authentic And Fulfilling Lives On A Day To Day Basis This Is The Courage To Change When Change Is Needed, The Courage To Stand Up For Our Own Truth, Even Against The Opinions Of Others, And The Courage To Embrace The Unknown In Spite Of Our Fears In Our Relationships, In Our Careers, Or In The Ongoing Journey Of Understanding Who We Are And Why We Are Here Courage Also Features A Number Of Meditation Techniques Specifically Designed By Osho To Help People Deal With Their Fears I was indecisive whether to give four of five stars but who cares, it was a great book anyway I m into these stuff and appreciate a lot when someone gives you some theoretical insight into spiritual development and how to work on ourselves in a deeper sense Osho is very provocative as a person and uses plain speech while touching the human nature, primarily inner side I like him There are some wonderful sentences in the book which really can make a man start to think thoroughly about himself and his actions in life And maybe the most important thing is that Osho, like many Eastern philosophers provide us with some lessons which we should not take for granted but try to test That s the beauty in it When you try to do some of that in the book you will know it for sure Also, you can t lose anything All in Ive read this book twice, and each time afterward felt the need to purchase 20 copies and give them to total strangers Osho s approach to religion spirituality is simple, he uses common sense and fearless boldness to knock down our preconcieved notions of our approach to life This is an amazing, easy read, and should be required reading for all.

Life is an adventure or it s nothing Who said that I thoroughly agree There are always obstacles and fears at every point, and the danger is always to give up and lose sight of one s dream The dream is what gives life it s freshness Even if it is lost sight of on occasion, the high peak is still there, beckoning you on, obscured often by mist and lower peaks As Goethe said, Whosoever continually strives upward him can we save I have always continually strived towards the object of my desire, though the road has often been perilous and obstructions have often been placed in my path If there is something you want badly enough nothing can discourage you The trick lies in living with fear and accepting it as a green light rather than a red one There are always bright new horizons of hope if the fear is pushed through The fear its Churches, religions, organized sects they teach you to pray But in fact they hinder you from praying because prayer is a spontaneous phenomenon, it cannot be taught If you have been taught a prayer in your childhood, you have been prevented from a beautiful experience that could have happened Pg 71 If you talk to a rose, which is alive than any stone image, which is divine than any stone imageIf you talk to a tree, which is deeply rooted in God than any cross because no cross has roots, it is a dead thing that s why it killsA tree is alive, with roots deep into the earth, branches high into the sky, connected with the whole, with the rays of the sun, with the stars talk to the trees That can be a contact point with the divine Pg 74 It is your fear that makes you a slave it is your fear When you are fearless you are no longer a slave in

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