April A Breaking News Story Surfaced On Social Media And Quickly Gathered Momentum A South African Man Had Fallen Overboard In A Storm In Remote Indonesian Waters Without Anyone Else On Board Realising Now A Frantic Search Was Under Way The Incident Caught The World S Attention Because Readers Instantly Recognised The Terror Of The Moment Imagine Being Left Alone Drifting At Sea And Watching Your Friends Sail Into The Distance With Just A Little Bad Luck, Brett Archibald Could Have Died Immediately According [Brett Archibald] ↠´ Alone [figure-skating PDF] read Online Ë To The Experts, He Should Have Died Within Eight To Ten Hours But He Chose Not To Die Instead Brett Endured The Ocean, The Elements, The Creatures Of The Deep, And His Own Inner Demons Alone Is The Incredible Tale Of What It Takes To Defy Needle In A Haystack Odds And Survive What Should Have Been Certain Death Outdoor Savvy, Astonishing Mental Toughness, A Refusal To Give Up Hope, A Canny Rescuer With An Unbelievable Background And A Comprehension Of The Human Spirit That Defies Rational Explanation Alone but not aloneThis captivating tale about a man s single minded determination to survive is matched by the dogged involvement of so many other people During the ordeal, strangers, family and friends did their bit to find him and in doing so their lives as well as his were changed.
A harrowing event like this inevitably leaves its mark on all, but hopefully lessons have been learned about life and humanity We all respond differently to crisis There is no wrong or right way This book shows what it takes to survive.
I enjoyed the way the ghost writer CB whoever she is expressed the tale through the points of view from a number of people It helped show the full picture of the narrowly avoided tragedy.
As to why things like this happen Perhaps it is to be reminded of the good in people who insist on doing what is right, even though it may seem crazy at t This is my kind of thriller, forget murder mysteries, the power of the sea always takes my breath away and makes my heart pound I felt like I was in the water with him the entire time, the shock, fear, heartbreak was palpable, to be honest, i wanted to skip 200 pages and get to the rescue, I just couldn t stand the suspense I listened and read the kindle simultaneously, I found technical errors in both The audio skipped the preface, the part where he falls overboard which is rather crucial to the story the kindles table of contents had zero chapters listed for the 300 plus pages, making it difficult to synch the combo, found it unusual that both deliveries were flawed I cried at the end, tears shot out like an arching fountain the kindle said for additional photos go to thi What a gripping read Fans of Laura Hillenbrand s Unbroken will devour this memoir Imagine puking your guts out from food poisoning in the middle of the night on a boat during a storm in remote Indonesian waters, losing consciousness and waking up plunged into the sea as your boat sails obliviously away This was Brett Archibald s fate He was swept over with nothing but what he was wearing shorts and a t shirt He was already dehydrated from the food poisoning How he survived 28 hours was a combo of luck, miracle and dogged determination The story shifts from Brett s perspective, to his family s back home as they wait on edge about his fate, his friends on his boat as they try to rescue him, and the people on the boat that finally do rescue him The chances of someone surviving after 10 hours in the water is 1%, yet Brett survived for 28 I ll be thinking about this book for a long t A great story, however it is very poorly written I won this book in a book giveaway Honestly, I was intrigued by the chapters where Brett is at sea and describing what happened at each hour There are so many people that were mentioned in this book, that it was hard to keep track of who people were at times The chapters about his friends and different boats aiding the search were quite boring His survival is incredible and his resilience in such circumstances is very commendable A good read for someone who enjoys true survival stories.
õ Alone ê This is a good read Despite knowing the outcome the guy is writing the book, so I took a leap of faith that he d survived , it s still a very tense, harrowing story Archibald reconstructs his 29 hours in the ocean from three povs his, those searching for him, and his friends and family at home in Cape Town It s blended quite well, with back stories on the most important characters, especially Doris the Australian captain who eventually found him However I had to laugh today when finishing with book Archibald pulled from the sea with the skin of his nose hanging off seagull attack , his lips so swollen he couldn t open his mouth, chunks of his tongue falling off, shark bitten on his shoulder, I then googled the story and found the clip on YouTube when actual Archibald is pulled from the sea for real Huh I m not denying the experience of all those hours in the water was terrible, but he When I took sailing lessons, overboard drills always made me a little nervous, as you couldn t help but imagine the worst case scenario This powerful true story was the worst case scenario every boater fears It is almost unimaginable for someone to go overboard into a wild sea during a storm at night And yet, it happened, and the author, Brett Archibald, through sheer grit, faith, and determination, lived to tell his tale, against incredible odds I listened to this audio book over a period of a couple of weeks, at night in bed in the dark, when I couldn t sleep Not the best choice for insomnia relief, as the story is so compelling and horrifying The resolution, when it finally came, made every nerve in my body buzz it was that electrifying A story perfect for the tel This is a stunning story of man against the sea when Brett Archibald suddenly blacks out and goes overboard in a storm while on a trip with his buddies to do some surfing on the first night of a 10 day charter in Sumatra, Indonesia The worst part is that no one notices it and it s not discovered for about 8 hours and by then the boat has traveled a long distance When Brett comes to in the ocean, choking on salt water, he s in for the battle of his life A test of will, of endurance, faith, and hope The book tells about that battle and all of the sometimes odd, yet amazing circumstances that happen along the way It s quite a story, I found it at times disheartening, moving, terrifying and thrilling An ARC was provided by NetGalley for an unbiased review Thanks for reading.
In April 2013, Brett Archibald, a 50 year old South African businessman, was on a surf charter boat off the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia It was the middle of the night and the seas were storming Archibald had food poisoning and went on deck to be sick He lost his footing, fell off the boat and no one saw He spent nearly 29 hours in the Indian Ocean before a miracle happened That miracle was Tony Doris Eltherington, captain of an Australian charter, and a seafaring legend, who acted on a hunch and found Archibald bobbing in the vast expanse.
How Archibald survived, how his friends and Eltherington s boat and crew persisted, and how his wife and family never gave up believing he would survive is chronicled in Alone Lost Ove

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