Fits into Ligotti's bibliography really well while also feeling true to the XFiles formula, particularly Mulder and Scully.
I wish this happened because it would have probably been one of my favourite XFiles episodes, though it is little outthere for XFiles, I think.
Not sure if the world implications it has would mesh XFiles' general world outlook.
It's a good horror story.
This is a script written for The XFiles which was never made (or accepted).
It could have been a classic episode.
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read it here if you're interested enough to read a screenplay and use your imagination: http://img.
º Crampton º The best nonexistent XFiles episode EVAR.
Time displacement, memory loss, unspeakable horrorlovingly printed, and with an excellent CD to accompany it! Good luck finding a copy.
Pretty much what you'd expect.
I liked it.
If this had actually been filmed, it would compete with "Home" for best episode.
The greatest television episode never made, Thomas Ligotti's spec script for "The XFiles" perhaps pushed the show too far in the direction of "Twin Peaks" (particularly "The Return") to be entirely palatable as part of a mainstream scifi horror series.
However, there's no denying that Ligotti gets it right here, mixing the deadpan humor and relatability of Mulder and Scully with the surrealist darkness of Ligotti's own universe.
The main factors all appear here, almost like a mission statement on Ligotti's fiction itself: clowns, puppets, transformations, mutable identity, and the theory that all the world is literally a stage on which outside powers are playing for their own amusement.

I read this on the Web back when it was an unsolicited XFiles episode written by Thomas Ligotti.
It's the best XFiles episode never filmed.
Ligotti threw a lot of his own personal visions into the script, but he also managed to capture Scully and Mulder's unique voices in a lot of very funny dialogue.
I was extremely impressed, and still picture it in my mind almost like an episode that I've really seen.
"Crampton" is an unproduced script for the TV show The X Files which was cowritten by Thomas Ligotti.
This is the version I read:


I think that the script, if produced, would have been one the best episodes of the TV show.

Themes in Ligotti's fiction exist in this script: metaphysical horror, puppets, ambiguous locations.

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