Holy Effing Hell Can we say HOT This book is on fire Like go change your panties on fire I ve read a few books with the BDSM theme to them, I ve also read a few books with m f m situations, so I wasn t expecting this one to shock me, so to speak, buuuuttt it did First lets talk about the sex ok I don t even know where to begin without maybe giving too much personal info up but it was fucking hot I am not a sub, nor have I tried that lifestyle, but this book has put thoughts in my head that none have done before there s that tmi I mentioned Water room anyone Terryn is new to the BDSM lifestyle and goes to a club looking for a Dom Brice, omfg hot , is a Dom looking for a release for the night after a hellacious day on the job He s a cop working a murder case that is pretty brutal, but can t seem to let it go so his personal sex life has suffered From the moment he sees Tarryn, he s When domination is high, served with even higher respect and care, it becomes beautiful, irresistible, sweet concoction Sexy to the Earthcore.
I didn t like it The story is dull and pure of ridiculous kinky shit No chemistry at all meh meh meh.
Dominance Submission Murder And that s just before lunch The second book in Lainey Reese s New York series and it s another wickedly erotic sizzler We all know that good Doms are really hard to find and no submissive should ever go off with a dominant in the way that the characters in Lainey Reese s books do but this is fiction and the heroes would lay down their lives to protect their subs so the girls are never really in any danger, so suspend your disbelief, go with the flow and enjoy another deliciously erotic BDSM romance.
This time, we have Brice, the detective we met in A Table For Three who meets Terryn at Cade s BDSM club after a particularly bad day at work Someone is picking off girls and hacking them to death and Brice just needs to forget about homicide and lose himself in a willing submissive Terryn totally fits the bill She s a redhead, Brice has a r Wow This is seriously hot hot hot Lainey Reese has become my auto one click author If you are looking for off the chart hoooooooot steamy erotic romance This is for you

I have been waiting for Brice s book ever since I finished reading Table For Three and I was so not disappointed I cannot say enough how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book Brice sigh Damaged Goods grabbed a hold of me right from the start and didn t let go until the end I absolutely LOVED Brice and Terryn They were so perfect for each other and I LOVED the connection that Brice still had with Riley so sweet I was so happy to see Cade, Riley, and Trevor and then Gage Oh, Gage swoons I am so hoping for his book I also loved the side story with Angie and Kent and then poor Brian Lainey Reese gained me as a fan after reading Table For Three and I absolutely adore her after reading Damaged Goods Such a GREAT story Although the story revolves around Brice and Kent trying to catch a killer, and some of the scenes were pretty gross, Damaged Goods wasfilled wi Ó Damaged Goods (New York, #2) Ó The second story in this series involves Brice Marshall, cousin of Cade Marshall who was introduced in the first book Brice is a New York police detective and is also a Dom He meets Terryn Keller at Cade s BDSM club but soon figures out that she s new to the scene and is just beginning her exploration Meanwhile, Brice and his partner, Brandon Kent, are investigating the brutal murders of two young women by what appears to be a serial killer As Brice becomesdeeply involved with Terryn, he also has to deal with the realization that she might be in the path of the killer The suspense aspect of the story was high, equally balanced with the erotica and adding to the sexual tension, as if that needed any help While the whodunit wasn t too hard to figur Well, I think a lot of us waited a really long time for this one I won t say it disappointed, but for me it wasn t as exciting as I remember the first one being As with the first one, things moved very quickly, both in terms of the relationship as well as clearing up the case But overall it was enjoyable Probably closer to 3.
5 than 3, but not enough to bump it up to a 4 I really enjoyed how alpha Brice could get I also really enjoy it when a man who thinks he ll be single forever finds the one and is figuratively brought to his knees as a result I liked that he never really second guessed it either He never wondered why he was falling so hard It was just, Oh, yeah, I really do care a lot about her and don t think I can live without her now.
I thought the addition of Cade was kinda hot, but I kind of felt like Cade was a little bit overb Meh, I didn t get into it, it didn t grab my attention.
It s funny really, when I read A Table for Three New York Series book 1 I complained in my review that there was little to no plot in it and nonetheless I liked it Well, this one hasof a story line and yet I didn t like it I couldn t care less for the story and the characters where dull and extremely forgettable.
Damaged Goods is a disappointment for me.
Audiobook the narrator doesn t do the book any favors He is ok, I just don t think he has the appropriate voice for this kind of book In my opinion his voice would be better suited to a young adult book than to an erotic book with dominant men, his voice is just not strong enough and doesn t match th Submission Murder And That S Just Before Lunch New York, Book Homicide Detective Brice Marshall S Current Case Has Him Stymied And Frustrated A Serial Killer Is Slaughtering Young Women After A Long, Fruitless Day Poring Over The Most Gruesome Evidence He S Ever Seen, He Needs A BreakStepping Into His Cousin S BDSM Club Is A Reminder That There Is Another Part Of Himself A Part That Has Been Left Empty In [Lainey Reese] Ï Damaged Goods (New York, #2) [musician-erotica PDF] read Online æ A Life Ruled By Work The Fact Is, He S A Dom In Search Of A Sub When He Bumps Into Terryn, A Slender Redhead Who S New To The Scene, Her Wide Eyed Eagerness Even In The Face Of Her Nerves Attracts Him Like GravityTerryn Is The Sub Of His Dreams, With The Power To Ease His Soul Without Warning The Murder Case Reaches Ugly Tentacles Into The Most Private Part Of His World The Woman He Wants To Claim As His Own The Woman Whose Stubborn Search For The Delicate Balance Between Sub Life And Independence Could Put Her Directly In The Path Of The Killer Warning This Book Contains BDSM Play, M F M M Nage, Graphic Language And A Drool Worthy Dom On The Hunt For A Sub And A Killer

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