Barrett S Dreams Want Him DeadAn Illicit Drug Trial Promises To Cure The Crippling Nightmares That Have Kept Tyson Awake For Months, Nightmares Rooted In The Terrible Abuse He Suffered As A Child Exhausted And Near Collapse, He Jumps At The Chance To Get His Life BackBut Tyson Soon Discovers A Side Effect No One Could Have Imagined Doors Are Opening Between Tyson S Nightmares And The Real World And Than Memories [ Pdf Dark Passage ì 40k PDF ] by Griffin Hayes » Are Coming ThroughDark Passage Is A Terrifying Thriller In The Tradition Of Stephen King And Dean Koontz I really liked Dark Passage once I figured out what was going on Except that didn t happened until into the second half of the book, the summary really tells you nothing and the first half was just incredibly weird and there wasn t much connecting the dots I know as a suspenseful thriller this book was supposed to keep me guessing, what s with Tyson Barrett s nightmares Why s his mom locked up in a mental asylum What the heck s going on But besides the prologue that really didn t fit into the rest of the story until late in the game, there wasn t anything that hooked me until things started making sense.
I m not going to spoil the answers to those questions in this review because figuring them out s what made the second half I will say generally it s about a man coming to terms with his troubled childhood , but, compared to what happens later, the first half feels almost empt By now, any of you who know me won t be surprised when I tell you that most of my story ideas come from dreams The seed for Dark Passage was sown after I awoke from a particularly bad one I couldn t tell you now what that nightmare was about, but I remember waking up and staring at my bedroom ceiling, a single thought chiming over and over in my head Thank God that was just a dream I m sure we ve all been there before Of course, we re all built a little different maybe that s why I write stories and other people build buildings or put out fires for a living but as I stared at the cracked light fixture above my bed, a second thought began swirling around in my head This one far dark and disturbing What if something from my nightmare had managed to hitch a ride back with me What if it was in the room right nowlying next to me in bedg

Review of Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes5 starsA one sitting horror thriller, Dark Passage is nevertheless a complex study of psychological underpinnings, horrific child abuse, and yes, metaphysics witness the writings of Brenda Barrett, which gave me chills like I have seldom encountered Not at all for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, still this novel is coherent, complicated, and delectably horrifying.
Tyson Barrett has a problem he can t won t sleep due to terrifying nightmares, and sleep deprivation is affecting his career and his marriage and his parenting skills In fact, his wife Ruma has put him out of the home they shared with five year old son Kavi He thinks she s adulterous she thinks he can t come to terms with the incredibly abusive childhood he suffered at the hands of his insane mother When Tyson is loaned his business partner s lake Hugh Howey, author of Wool, wrote the blurb that hangs above Griffin Hayes s name on the cover of Dark Passage It reads Nail Biters beware Though I haven t read any of Howey s work yet, as Wool is on my TBR 2013 list the man obviously knows good horror when he sees it After posting on Goodreads that I had started and was enjoying Dark Passages, Griffin contacted me, asking me to be completely honest with my review I fully intended to, whether he had asked or not, but I m going a little further with this critique than I normally would I m going to discuss formatting and typos, which I rarely ever do So, before I get into the meat of my review, I would like to warn the nit pickers out there This book is not perfect, as it suffers from repeated words He frantically

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