Book Nook buy HI 3 20121412 Underwhelming Set in Chicago.
I got the bad guy right away.
it was a good read, sort of predictable but then again maybe its just that I read so muchlol still a well written book.
Was His Most Personal Cold Case And It Was About To Be ReopenedIt Was The One Case Detective Sam Vernelli Couldn T Solve The Murder Of His Fianc E Than A Decade Ago So He S Not About To Let Her Determined Younger Sister, Claire Fontaine, Go It Alone Against Whomever Is Threatening Her In Ways Frightening And All Too Familiar But Protecting Her Means Challenging Claire S Angry Doubts About Him, Understanding Her Trailer ☆ Deadly Force PDF by ☆ Beverly Long Deepest Fears And Letting Her Get Much Too Close As Every Dead End Lead Pushes Their Fragile Trust To The Breaking Point Sam Slowly Begins To Realize That The Truth Lies Closer To Home Than Either Of Them Ever Imagined And The Price Of Revealing It Could Be Than They Bargained For Enjoyable read Sometimes these type of stories can be predictable but this was not like that Kept me interested all through the book.
Book was also personalized and autograghed which I loved Miniseries The DetectivesCategory Suspense Miniseries The DetectivesCategory Suspense Ü Deadly Force Ü Ms Long writes with a nice turn of phrase.

Really well written On the edge of your seat the entire time didn t want to put it down.
Very enjoyable Claire is sure that Sam, her deceased sister, Tessa s fianc , is responsible for Tessa s death 11 years ago, though the police decided otherwise Claire is now 24 and has made it to Chicago for a job in advertising That is where Sam also resides She makes it one of her biggest goals to confront him and let him know that she knows the truth The first meeting doesn t go as she thought it would.
Soon after that first visit, Claire is attacked in the apartment she and her best friend share Sam arrives at the scene and from this incident he believes it s his duty to protect her, since she s Tessa s little sister, but also as they both realize early on, they are both very attracted to each other Sam can t see her getting hurt I found it very amusing how strongly and frequently Sam denied his attraction to Claire that he ended up making In Long s romantic suspense novel, Detective Sam Vernelli was stumped over the one cold case that refused to be solved the murder of his fianc than ten years ago But when her feisty younger sister shows up on his doorstep, the cop in him won t let him walk away from the threats Claire Fontaine was receiving Protecting her put him in close proximity to her and the tirade of angry doubts she had about him and his abilities As danger creeps closer, Sam finds himself pushing past the hurts and looking toward the future for the first time in than a decade Determined to protect her at all costs, Sam soon realizes that the truth is much closer than he could have ever imagined.
Hard to put down with an ending that surprised me A great addition to The Detectives Series.

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