A Beautiful Woman Hires CJ Floyd To Look Into The Death Of Her Famed DJ Father, CJ Soon Discovers That The Death Of Daddy Doo Wop Is Part Of A Bigger Story, One That Reaches Back To Chicago In The Fifties When The Mob Called The Tune From Payola To Paychecks, From The Dirtiest Of Deals To Some Old Tapes That Still Might Be Worth Gold, CJ Stumbles Into A World Where [ Pdf Devil's Red Nickel (Cj Floyd Mystery Series) ↠´ church-ministry PDF ] by Robert Greer ↠´ A Great Melody Can Lead To A Deadly Refrain, And Where Someone Has A Murderous Hit Parade Of His Own An early book in the series, but Greer is showing potential His books are kind of like comfort food to a mystery addict A plus is that it is set in Denver, so the location is familiar And I can even recognize places where he s fictionalized an actual institution E.
g Smalley Jr High for Smiley.
This is the second in the series I read the first one a long time ago, after I heard the author speak The book takes place in Denver s black neighborhood of Five Points C.
Floyd is a bail bondsman but a beautiful woman hires him to find out who killed her father, a famous old RB disc jockey She says her friend told her he is good at finding people as part of his real job That is the basic plot and Goodreads gives a good summary of the story CJ checks into the stories of the people who hated her dad, or had something to gain by his death, with the help of an old WY friend They are shot at, run off the road, and intimidated, but do not give up I think the ending was a cheat because the reader is not given all the information to be able to guess who the killer is, but I still enjoyed the book.
Devil's Red Nickel (Cj Floyd Mystery Series) ☆ I loved all the local references, the minor hoodlums, the very recognizable mayor, the parades, the transsexuals, the semis hauling cattle and pigs, the RB DJs, the fight over light rail BUT would I read it if it weren t all Denver and Colorado I don t know The hometown appeal is very strong, but I m not sure it would translate to another audience I never did connect with CJ Too complicated a character, too much unnecessary bakstory I dunno I ll have to read .
Mostly atmosphere Bail Bondsman C J Floyd investigates the murder of a 1950s Rhythm Blues impresario who managed to make everyone an enemy and therefore left a slew of suspects for Floyd to pursue He is hired by a woman, presumably to find the killer, but who may have other motives and is a suspect herself Floyd and a partner drive around Colorado and fly to Chicago to investigate the possibilities Organized crime low lifes, music industry figures, crooked politicos and a sex change doctor all come under scrutiny and basically Floyd uncovers nothing that will help him solve the crime He has repeated attempts made on his life and in the end, the murderer who has never been a suspect forces the solution upon him Interesting at times, but Floyd seems too inept and passive too often and

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