The guy is genius and his knowledge is immense.
perfect condition beautifull Andy Field is a great writer to explain enough stats theory without going overboard and illustrating it with good examples and how to do on SPSS Ï Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows: Advanced Techniques for Beginners (Introducing Statistical Methods series) Ó Let s face it SPSS is a scary program unless you re a mathematician I ve done research that I need to make sense of, and have been given SPSS without any instruction or help OK, you can find your way around SPSS if you are semi computer literate, but you will never use 10% of SPSS s capacity in a month of Sundays So, what capabilitieis do you use Most of the SPSS books that I ve read assume athan basic understanding of statistics, or simply concentrate on the number crunching capability of SPSS Field does neither and the title is actually accurate He does try and get you to understand statistics by using SPSS OK, he s not infallable, some of the examples that he uses are very simple and can be difficult to relate to complicated res If you are needing to learn both SPSS and statistics at the same time and intimidated at all by the math, this is a great book to help take you through the quagmire of both the SPSS software, the principles of statistics and make sense of it all too Andy Field has done an excellent job at taking much of the mystery out of how and why to use the various tests The book is comprehensive but the analysis of my research and study is focussed primarily on correlation, t tests and regression There are chapters in the book I will probably never read as I cannot foresee ever needing to read them But, the book is very useful for referencing particular areas and providing a tutorial as you are working.
I love the way Andy has created and inserted his characters throughout the book as I can identify myself as a cross between Cramming Samantha and Brian Haemorrhage.
Because I found Andy s book and S Discovering Statistics Using SPSS For Windows Is Rapidly Becoming The SPSS User S Bible The Book Aims To Make The Learning Of Advanced Statistics And Using Of SPSS As Painless As Possible For Students And Academics Alike If You Teach SPSS Or Indeed Use It In Your Own Research And You Don T Already Have This Book, I Urge You To Order Copies For Your Library And Recommend It To Your Students Buy It, Use It, Love It Psychology Learning And Teaching Andy Field Has Written A [ Pdf Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows: Advanced Techniques for Beginners (Introducing Statistical Methods series) ë consumer-economics PDF ] by Andy Field ☆ Student Oriented Textbook With The Aim Of Making The Learning Of Advanced Statistics And Using SPSS As Painless As Possible While Other books Either Concentrate On Statistical Theory Or On The Functions Of The Popular Computer Program SPSS, Andy Field Integrates The Two To Provide The Student With A Thorough Grounding In Statistics Through Learning To Use SPSS He Provides A Detailed, Yet Highly Accessible, Guide To Using SPSS For Complex Statistical Tests There Are Illustrations Of Dialogue Boxes Throughout, And Each Chapter Concludes With A Set Of Exercises And Descriptions The Book Includes A CD ROM With SPSS Datasets And The Author Provides A Website For Further Help And Updates I am a public health professional who uses SPSS quite frequently and this is the best introductory book on spss and statistics that I have come across.
It is written in a light hearted manner while at the same time covering a tremendous amount of ground The examples used are refreshing and particularly relevent to today s generation for example looking at interactions between the effect of alcohol on attractiveness of mate selection The author guides you through different types of analyses in SPSS so you can learn by doing I recommend this book to everyone, it is fantastic.

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