» Don't Do What I Did: An Honest Guide to Freelancing in Film and Video Production » I listened to this book on audible, and I can say that this was a very true to life tale on how to make it in the movie business I felt in touch with all the information presented, and found myself nodding very frequently on content presented in the book With about 5 years of experience myself, I was pleased to find new revelations into making own experiences in the industry that much worth while I highly recommend this book to beginners or even to people who have established themselves as you can learn a lot Alex s insight in the book felt authentic, compassionate, and relatable making his tips and advice all the enjoyableI was definitely pleased with my purchase Great read.
Alex Wagner lays it all out there with his book, Don t Do What I Did If you are considering a career in video production, then you will want to grab a copy It will save you needless frustration, time and money This is than just boring tech stuff Alex gives biased opinions and insights from soup to nuts From getting started and marketing yourself to landing a gig, to what to do and not to do on set, and how to manage your freelance business Interviews with other freelance pros including a script supervisor, filmmaker, director of photography and a cinematographer round out the book with different perspectives Alex delivers This book is a comprehensive how to guide video production newbies.
This is a great book for anyone who is considering a career in commercial video production Mr Wagner lays is out here honestly and with no non sense Here is a guy who went all in to make his career and did his best to learn from his mistakes along the way Only thing that I would say, is that contrary to the title, you should do what Mr Wagner did and just go for it as there is no clear path to getting into this industry The key is to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward What you will learn through trial and error will be than anything you could ever learn in school Not saying don t go to school, just that it is important to follow your dreams and never give up Just make sure that you are always nice to everyone, are helpful, always be creating solutions and hav

I downloaded the audible version of this book Some people will complain about anything If you re someone who doesn t have much experience in the industrywho is really the person the book is geared towards, there s no way that with the low price you paid, you didn t pick up some information that saved you time and or money.
Feedback I think this book would be a lot memorable and entertaining if it were told as a series of anecdotal stories as apposed to a series of tips and information in different areas.
What this books is is a no frills warning about how grueling it can be working in the industry, without expounding on the fact that before unions, producers would work people to death The book give you plenty of pitfalls to avoid T Do What I Did Explains, In Frank English, How To Make A Living In Film And Video Production From Networking To Booking Gigs To Taking Care Of Yourself, This Book Comprehensively And Methodically Lays Out What To Expect In This [Alex Downs Wagner] î Don't Do What I Did: An Honest Guide to Freelancing in Film and Video Production [young-adult PDF] read Online Ô Industry

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