The New York Times USA Today Bestselling Author Of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE Comes A New Three Book Series Of Romantic Comedy StandalonesI M Dr Nick RainesBrain Surgeon And Notorious Over Thinker, I Take The Analytical Approach With Everything, Until I Can Determine The Best, Carefully Calculated Plan Of Action It S No Shock The Producers Of The Popular Reality Series The Doctor Is In Have Decided To Call Me Dr Neurotic Besides My Than Full Time Job As Chief Of Neurosurgery At St Luke S Hospital, I M ✓ Dr.
Lukes Docuseries, #3) ☆ Download by ✓ Max Monroe A Single Dad And My Number One Priority Is My Daughter But Life Had Plans To Add Another Priority To My List Charlotte Hollis Outspoken, Impulsive, And Beautiful, She S Everything I Didn T Know I Was Craving She Makes Me Wonder What If What If I Don T Have To Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life To Give My Little Girl The Father She Deserves It S A Battle My Battle Head Vs Heart 5 I think I have it bad for the brain surgeon stars Honestly I ve been waiting for Nick Raines story since I read Scoring the Billionaire Remy s too, COUGH HINT COUGH all Winnie s brothers COUGH HINT Hmm, must be something in the air Anywho Like I was saying I ve been waiting for this book, and guess what Max Monroe gave me every single thing that I wanted and needed with Nick s story.
Nick is FINALLY in a good place with being the father he wants to be He s FINALLY in a sort of comfortable place with his ex and her new husband He s working as a neurosurgeon at a great New York hospital, close to his daughter, and he s doing what he worked so hard for years for Life is just good So why not throw a burst of light and laughter in to mix things up Charlotte has lived the lif 3.
5 Lost Time StarsI love a changed man And after having met a version of Nick that wasn t very loveable in Scoring the Billionaire, I was really excited to see Max Monroe give me a single father worthy of drooling over and, of course, they pulled it off Nick made mistakes in his past, but he s been working his best to change his perception And just when he s making headway, he meets the one Yet it seems that maybe he s going to have to choose between the two ladies in his life once again because life can be seriously unfair Dr Neuro was sexy and sweet I laughed and swooned and had my fingers and toes crossed that Charlotte and Nick would be able to make a go of it because they were just so perfect together Then when the other shoe dropped one I never in a million years s The dynamic duo that make up Max Monroe is taking one hell of a risk at giving Dr Nick Raines his happily ever after It might not matter to some, but for fans of Max Monroe s work, he might be considered an irredeemable character I m going to be honest and saythat thought definitely ran through my mind before I started this book After absolutely DEVOURING this book cover to cover in one sitting, I can tell you that Dr Raines IS, in fact, redeemable And besides, if ANYONE can give a character redemption after what he did, I would put all my money on the team of Max Monroe Trust me, not everyone will be swayed like I was, and they will have their reasons, but the way that Nick Raines stepped up in this book, took me by surprise in the best way pos AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW 5 REDEEMING CROWNSDr Neuro by Max Monroe might very well be my favorite story by this phenomenal writing duo With the perfect balance of humor and romance, Nick and Charlotte s story enchanted me from their first encounter.
Nick was a secondary character in the final installment of the Billionaire Bad Boys series, Scoring the Billionaire, acting as the absentee father to Winnie s intelligent and lovable daughter, Lexi As readers of that series, we don t really have a great impression of him, but in Dr Neuro we get to see a whole different side of Nick We see his motivations, what pushes him to make the wrong, but in his head right, decisions We see him working every day to make it ri 3.
5 StarsReview by Lisa KaneI ve read everything from the writing team of Max Monroe When I read Scoring the Billionaire, I remember the loathing that I had for Winnie s baby daddy, Nick Raines He was the guy who skipped out on Winnie when she found out she was pregnant He had a major offer in another part of the country that would fast track his neuro career He wasn t going to let a baby or a pregnant girlfriend stand in his way So Winnie became a single mom, eventually met Wes and married him Nick came in and out of her daughter Lexi s life Towards the end of the story, he made a better effort to become a good dad he had moved back to New York and was spending time with Lexi But in my mind a douche is still a douche.
So imagine my surprise when I realized that the hero of the í Dr.
Lukes Docuseries, #3)
¶ As those who read The Phantom Paragrapher reviews will notice that I somehow am destined to read most series out of order I never mean to, I swear but it just totally happens to be that way for me, and it has happened on than several occasions At least though in the majority of series that I somehow end up reading out of order, it s all good as they are standalone stories within the series Take Dr NEUROtic by Max Monroe for example as this is Book 3 in the series I have yet to read the previous two but loved this one so much that they will be making their way further up my TBR list I had a feeling that I would enjoy this book as I love a few hospital dramas like Code Black, Chicago Med and I was a fan of Melissa George s Heartbeat It could be stemmed from the fact that growing up in New Zealand, our major soap op image error The 3rd book in this adorable hilarious Doctor Trilogy It s a kind of spin off from the amazing Billionaire Bad Boys series book 1 s hero Will is the brother from the first Billionaire books heroine Georgie And Nick our Dr Neuro is the ex and baby daddy from book 3 s Winnie You don t need to have read those Billionaire books, but you definitely should They re hilarious and just perfect This new series will feature three hottie docs and their lives during after they stupidly signed on for a TV DOCuseries Doc number 3 is Nick You might know him from the Billionaire Bad Boys series We didn t like him much he left Winnie when she was pregnant, and he was pretty much an absentee dad for the first seven years of his daughter s life But now he s back in NYC and his little girl means everything to him.
That s why he say The sweetest book in this series.
Likable hero, sassy strong heroine Safe.
If not for his past mistakes he left his gf and daughter , I would have clicked 4 stars.
And I wasn t fond of the twist drama Nevertheless my favorite in this series.

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