Aniwura WikipediaEfunsetan AniwuraIMDb The Story Of The Most Powerful And Wealthiest Yoruba Woman She Dealt In Slave Trading And Ammunition In The Th Century She Was An Advocate For Equal Rights Among Men And Women Until She Lost Her Only Child And Became Depressed And Vicious Which Led To The Killing Of Efunsetan AniwuraIMDb Directed By Tunde Kelani With Kareem Adepoju, Deji Aderemi, Saheed Balogun, Iyabo Ogunsola An Adaptation Of Akinwunmi Isola S Play Efunsetan Aniwura, A Historical Drama Covering The Life Of The Eponymous [ read Online Efunsetan Aniwura Ø womens-studies PDF ] by Akinwumi Isola ↠´ Yoruba Heroine Who Was The Second Iyalode Queen Of Women Of Ibadan And Who Was Killed OnJuneEfunsetan Aniwura VideoIMDb Directed By Akande Opeyemi With Ife Performance Circle The Stage Production Efunsetan Aniwura Filmed Live In Ife, The Ancient Yoruba City In South Western Nigeria Osun State , Tells The Story Of The Second Iyalode Of Ibadan, A Successful Merchant Who Was Also A Ruthless Slave Trader Efunsetan Aniwura Life History, Awards, Net Efunsetan Aniwura C S June ,was The Second Iyalode Of Ibadan Revered As A Successful Merchant And Trader, Her Impact Encompassed The Political, Military, Economic And Religious Spheres Of Ibadan She Is Famous For Being Arguably The Most Powerful And Certainly One Of The Wealthiest Yoruba Women That Ever Lived

ò Efunsetan Aniwura Efunsetan Aniwura is a wealthy, childless chieftain in Ibadan, where Latoosa is the Aare.
She has lands and slaves to till them until their backs are sore.
An especially wicked woman; she beats her slaves black and blue for the smallest missteps and beheads them at will, especially if they dare to get pregnant.

She is unstoppable, and often dares even God to plead the cause of whomever she has sentenced to death.
When Aare Latoosa and his chiefs decide that Ibadan cannot take another tragedy, they have to find a way to rid the city of her, once and for all.

In the opening pages of this book, Akinwunmi Isola says that Efunsetan's story was taken from the story of Ibadan and turned into a play.

Efunsetan was a terrorthere is no other way to put it.
She beat with whips and canes, beheaded, and was even widely know

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