This does an excellent job of evoking a world where our own history was made As Iggulden says, but for the death of one man, the book would likely have been written in Chinese and our modern Western Civilisation would never have existed.
I ve enjoyed reading this series on the Mongolian empire I remembered some of it from history class But to have it laid out in a well written, steady paced story makes it enjoyable The author Conn Iggulden doesn t get dry or stale With the main character changing from Genghis to his sons, then his grandsons reinvigorates the series with the fresh personalities Have fun, check it out.
Empire of Silver (Conqueror, Book 4) Ó So after books 1, 2, and 3 I felt it was important to do 3 things Those 3 things were try horse milk, perfect nerf bow shooting whilst riding pillow pony, and express favoritism towards my children without letting them forget who s still boss.
Now after reading book 4 I m starting to get a small hinta twingea sliver of a feeling that my wife might of been right when she said, You re an idiot and Is that a % horse.
I can only hope I have a better outcome than Genghis did Oh and the book wasn t as good as the first 3, but still good.

Where to begin It was such an amazing series I love historical fictions, they give you a front row seat into how our world was shaped while breathing life into long dead people This series did that and MORE I recommend starting at the first book and, if you are half as into these books as I was, you won t be able to put them down.
Pros Battle scenes, very descriptive and exciting I would like to congratulate the author on keeping the types of battles written throughout the series fresh and interesting They fought constantly for generations but always a new location, new odds, new strategy, new obstacles Very EXCITING Character development The number of characters is never overwhelming and you become emotionally invested in their lives They have vary Th Novel In The Bestselling Conqueror Series, Continuing The Life And Adventures Of The Mighty Khan DynastyGenghis Khan Is Dead, But His Legend And His Legacy Live On His Son Ogedai Has Built A White City On A Great Plain And Made A Capital For The New Nation Now The Armies Have Gathered To See Which Of Genghis Sons Has The Strength To Be Khan The Mongol Empire Has Been At Peace For Two Years, [Conn Iggulden] ô Empire of Silver (Conqueror, Book 4) [love-inspired PDF] read Online Ò But Whoever Survives Will Face The Formidable Might Of Their Great Enemy, China S Song DynastyThe Great Leader Tsubodai Sweeps Into The West Through Russia, Over The Carpathian Mountains And Into Hungary The Templar Knights Have Been Broken And There Is No King Or Army To Stop Him Reaching France But At The Moment Of Tsubodai S Greatest Triumph, As His Furthest Scouts Reach The Northern Mountains Of Italy, Tsubodai Must Make A Decision That Will Change The Course Of History Forever

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