Slate, Former Marine Infantry Officer And The Governor Of Texas, Has Just Won His Bid For The Presidency When An Assassin S Bullet Takes His Life During His Victory Speech, He Is Conscripted From The Afterlife By The Lord Of Light, LucidusSlate Is Thrust Into The Game Like World Of Somnium Where He Has Been Reincarnated Into The Body Of A Parasite And Given One Mission Evolve Or DieIf He Can Channel The Monster Inside And Utilize His Military And Political Experience To Establish Lucidus ✓ Evolve: The Scourge Wars Book 1 Ø Download by ✓ Derek Belfield Personal Army, The Scourge, He Might Have A Chance To Evolve Before His Many Enemies Find Him And Send Him To A Permanent Death average I enjoyed the story Had a good interpretation for the reincarnated into a video game world, but didn t overdo the stats so the story was able to flow well.
A great read that manages to integrate the rpg elements Well without them beeing overwhelming or too Dominant.
Cant wait for the next one.
I feel like this author will get better as the write books but this first one just didn t do it for me I m sure some people loved it I liked it some at first but I don t know it just stopped being cool after the strange impregnating part and cliche military references often used Maybe that s cause I have a background there so I just don t want to hear about it in my fiction books I made it 50% in and I finally had to say hey this one just wasn t for me I m not saying it s a bad book, just wasn t my kind of book I didn t mesh with the MC well either, and that always makes it harder to get into a book if you can t connect But oh well, just my opinion on it all Painful violence that just seemed unnecessary, weird alien baby There s gold in them there hills You can see the potential in The Scourge Wars It has a unique premise a horrible man is reincarnated into an entirely unique alien life form and made into a minion of a foreign god The story could go in any number of directions Sadly, the chosen direction didn t appeal to me at all, and I had to bow out around 60% in.
Some spoilers ahead.
The main character is our hero, and he is vile He s a terrible man in nearly every way and becomes worse in his next life as a literal parasite He s an abuser, a torturer, a slaver, a murderer, and has no qualms with any of it As he progresses in his new life, he is rewarded endlessly for his villainy To me, it was not enjoyable to read.
So if our hero is that gr ¹ Evolve: The Scourge Wars Book 1 Ú Let me preface this review by saying I did enjoy the book, and will most likely be reading the next books in the series.
However, the author needs an editor badly At the very least a basic spelling and grammar checker would detect many of the errors I found Several places sentenced were split, or run together Italicized text that should not have been and vice versa In many sentences words were added as if the author had changed what they were writing but did not fully erase the old writing In some cases several words were left out.
The world building is interesting, but the individual characters go through rather dramatic personality shifts Some of this is explained, but even then the transition doesnt feel as smooth This book is an absolute steal for the price D.
W Belfield may be one of the greatest wordsmiths of his generation Evolve The Scourge Wars is an amazing story that is only rivaled by the incredible adventure the characters take you on I can t wait for the next installment.
A lot of American reviews seem to be marking down the book because the hero isn t a template Holywood good guy That seems like Holywood brainwashing to me This story is on a simple level bad guys vs worse guys It works fine and is an enjoyable take.
Worldbuilding is very good Characters quite good Dialogue and writing style are high quality, and an enjoyable mix of level up abilities.
A lot of editing errors in the book the author replied to one reviewer saying it had been strongly improved but both books 1 and 2 contained a lot of errors does the UK one need to be separately uploaded or just a poor job on the editing revision The other negative is a bit much gore, and book 2 seems to hint at a move towards harem in future books which I hope is not the c

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