Imagery jumbled out of order Flipping the page and furrowed brow Sentences dance to their own rhythm, guiding themselves nowhere.
random words in arranged order conveying nothingclosing bookclosed.
Nine men leave Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea, aboard a run down schooner, on a turtling voyage, hoping to make some money We learn about the nine men from the conversations they have they are at sea, there is little else to do while they travel to the fishing grounds There are simple relationships, based on many things friendship being rare than mutual dislike, distrust and animosity They are simple men, from poor backgrounds, who have little and offer less They seek green turtles, from their traditional fishing grounds those of their grandfathers, but there are so few turtles being caughtThere isn t much to talk about in terms of plot without launching straight into spoilers.
This is a strange novel experimental one other reviewer called it, and perhaps that is the best description As well as using the words to convey a story, it al Men Aboard An Old Caribbean Schooner Drift In Search Of The Fishing Grounds Of Their Forefathers, To Find Only A Modern World In Which They Have No Place This Powerful Story Of The Sea Is Also A Resonantly Symbolic Account Of The Relations Between Man And NatureAn Adventure Story And A Deeply Considered Meditation Upon The Sea [Peter Matthiessen] À Far Tortuga [medicine PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Itself read this years ago, wound up assigning it to my Literature Ecology of the Sea class Definitely not for the faint of heart due to Mathiessen s use of a variety of graphic textual experiments including writing all the dialog in a sort of you are right there listening to it patois one student commented quite correctly that the book is like a play than a novel Still all, it has some of the best descriptions of actually being on a schooner at sea that I can think of ☆ Far Tortuga ☆ awesome, both in the idk how you d ever even begin to write this sense the i wanna rent a bullhorn and tell everyone to read it sense just, like, mind bogglingly immersive not an ocean pun not that i ve ever longed to be on a doomed turtling expedition but there s something so satisfying about how fully realized it all is, w only fragmentary dialogue some stage directions charcoals of the sun moon as material this was another that t pynch blurbed btw they shared an agent but i m confident it wasn t a pity blurb situation should be a werner herzog movie, tho he would prob make the cast actually row across the caribbean w o water, so perhaps it s for the best Wow I am so pleased to see so many 5 star reviews on GR of this novelI was so awed by it to use that overused word when I read it in the 80 sso very beautiful, haunting, lyricaland incredibly innovative But why did no one ever talk about it Teach it in an experimental fiction course I don t believe I ve ever met anyone else in person who read it, let alone loved itand now I see all these reviews on Goodreadshey I m not a nutcase after all Or if I am, I m in good company I ve read this book twice over the years, and I thought I d recommend it on the occasion of the death of its author It happens to be my favorite Matthiessen novel, and it s his personal favorite too, as he mentioned on a Fresh Air interview a few years ago It s a simple story of a crew of Caribbean turtle fishermen characters in the best sense of that word out on a seasonal hunt in an odd ship caught awkwardly in a transition from sail power to diesel It s or less the same plot as Moby Dick, and also like Moby Dick, it s intensely experimental Published in 1975, during a period of post modern excess in American literary fiction that is, highly self conscious works of cartoonish parody, wacky academic prose, absurd or nonexistent plots, and so on Far Tortuga went the other direction A practicing Zen Bud This book scores high for technical merit and artistic ambition It just wasn t my kind of book Written in the vernacular of sailors yes, and a few pirates of the Caribbean, it took some adjustments at first Very much in the strain of Twain s Jim in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
What disappointed me was the huge amount of dialogue Some of Matthiessen s descriptive flourishes waxed poetic, and I would ve enjoyed indulging in of THAT, but no This is a talky book, character driven And what a motley lot they are The other disappointment was how little happens Boat floats around the sea so author can develop characters of a bunch of REAL characters One yearned for a little action and a little plot That one being me.
But I made it Which is than can be said for a lot of the turtles

Peter Matthiessen isn t known as an avant garde writer, but Far Tortuga is a deeply experimental novel that deserves to be discussed with the best of Coover, Barthleme, Hawkes, etc You first notice how the beautifully designed pages are unusually arranged and filled with yawning white spaces The narration is radically separate from the dialogue, offering no commentary and supplying only sparse descriptive passages Its an effective approach that immerses you in the vivid conversations of the Grand Caymans fishermen as they sail in search of green turtles while also letting you experience the ocean around them stripped of all sentimentality It expertly evokes the inhuman qualities of nature The novel was partly born out of Matthiessen s study of Buddhism and the zen aesthetic can be felt throughout this n Unlike anything else I ve read exudes the unmistakable aura of a forgotten classic completely wonderful transcendent Anything that begins in the following manner must be something special and importantDaybreak.
At windward passage, four hundred miles due east, the sun is rising Wind east northeast, thirty eight knots, with gusts to forty five a gale.
Black waves, wind feathered White birds, dark birds.
The trade winds freshen at first light, and the sea rises in long ridges, rolling west.
Sunrise at longitude 76, 19 degrees north latitude.
Sunrise at longitude 77.
Sunrise at the lesser Caymans Horizon rises from horizon To the westward, Grand Cayman is gray its high cumulus, visible to migrant birds a hundred miles away, is a gray pink.
The sun, coming hard around the world the island rises from the sea, si

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