Oooooh this was fun slightly over the top , sometimes a bit too sweet with minimal angst and a good dose of fun , Feels like Summertime is a perfect book for those days when you just wanna read and chill with a book that doesn t make your head spin like crazy.
Published 2016 5 Pretty Little Stars I LOVED this book It is sweet, classy, heartwarming, and unforgettable You can also throw in some humor I laughed a lot and some tears there are some SERIOUS tear jerking moments From start to finish, I was HOOKED on this book I read it in one sitting This is a second chance romance novel about a single mother whose husband sadly passed away while in the military and an old friend from the past After 18 years the two reunite and it s like nothing ever changed for them in terms of their feelings The setting for the story is very descriptive I actually felt like I was sitting there in a cabin by the lake with them as their love story progressed The romance in this book is unbelievable The author clearly knows what all consuming love is because she portrayed this in the story PERFECTLY The progression of the relationship was Katie Higgins Was The First Girl I Ever Loved We Spent One Summer Together At Lake Fisher When We Were Sixteen And Then I Never Saw Her Again My Life Is Shit, My Job Is Gone, And My Dad Had A Stroke, So I Find Myself Back At Lake Fisher Once Again And So Does Katie Her Last Name Isn T Higgins Any, Because Katie Is Married With Three Kids And One On The Way, But When She Shows Up At Lake Fisher [Tammy Falkner] õ Feels like Summertime [sewing PDF] read Online ☆ With Her Kids, Danger Trails Her All The Way There I Could Do A Lot Of Things I Could Leave And Go Home I Could Stay And Deal With It But What I Want Most Of All Is Just To Take Care Of Katie If I Concentrate On Her, Maybe I Won T Have To Face My Own Problems Yeah, That S It Fix Katie Katie I Haven T Seen Jake In Eighteen Years, But The Moment I Lay Eyes On Him, I Feel Safer Than I Have In A Very Long Time Memories Swamp Me Every Time I Look Out Over The Clear, Cool Water A First Kiss A First Boyfriend A First Love That Old Spark Is Still There I Just Can T Act On It, And Neither Can Jake Our Story Started Eighteen Years Ago, And Then We Both Made Lives With Other People Jake Is Willing To Tell Me About His, But I Can T Share Mine With Him Ever We Can Be Friends And Spend Another Summer Together, Right Sure, We Can Lovely read, filled with laughter, tears, and a lot of love I really enjoy Falkner s writing, and this one didn t disappoint New favorite for me and it s gotten me in the mood for summer Û Feels like Summertime ↠´ 4.
5 stars I loved this second chance romance This book has so much of what I love in a great book it pulled me in from the first page great male POV , it kept me engaged throughout, it had me laughing, it was a wonderfully well done second chance romance and it was a new author I throughly enjoyed Katie Higgins and Erik Jacobson, Jr Jake met years ago, back when both were teenagers this book finds their paths colliding 18 years later I adored that this book was told in dual POV it allowed great insight into both of them, hearing from them in the present and their thoughts on the past This made this such an amazing read Katie s children added so much to this story, Gaby, Alex and Trixie each had their own personality, each had their own way of dealing with what is currently facing their family and each forms a unique bond with Jake WOW I have read a TON of books by Tammy Falkner and I do mean a TON and none have made me tear up and touch me much on an emotional lever as Feels like Summertime I can honestly say that this is one of my all time favorite second chance romancesAnd that was the day I knew I was head over heels for JakeKatie and Jake fell in love one summer when they were both sixteen one summer at the lake But like most teenage romances it sadly fizzled out due to the distance and simply growing up But now both are in their late thirties and find them both back at the same lake Only now Jake is harder and dealing with a tough instance at work and Katie is married with three kids and one on the way Both have secrets but bot 3 STaRsMeh I think I m being generous with my three stars I didn t really like it much but it wasn t the worst book I ve ever read I think most will really love this one 4.
5 stars

Just like its name, this is a beautifully warm, fun and sexy story wrapped up in an emotional packet that Feels like Summertime Tammy Falkner has a gift for writing deeply emotional and engaging characters and plots that are guaranteed to pleaseTo me, you feel like summertime You feel like warm weather and sunny skies You feel like the occasional storm, but they always pass, and they keep things interesting Erick Jacobson s life has hit a really rough patch He s been put on administrative leave from his NYPD job, his father has suffered a stroke and while taking care of him he s run into the girl who two decades ago had his first kiss and stole his heart Katie is now the mother of 3 kids with oneon the way The best thing ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Night Shift Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
I went into this blind, only knowing it was by Tammy Falkner, a go to author of mine Feels like Summertime was an incredibly sweet second chance romance with some danger mixed in I read it almost entirely in one sitting.
Katie returned to a place she felt safe with her family in tow She was vulnerable and full of secrets I immediately felt at home at Pop s summer camp Katie bumped into her first love, Jake as soon as she checked in to a place that holds all kinds of great memories I loved their instant re connection This story was rich with history of a youthful and unforgettable summer mixed in with a very engaging romance.
More than Jake and Katie s connection, I fell in love with Jake and his bond with Katie s children Ja

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