Published In , Financial Derivatives In Theory And Practice Is A Complete, Rigorous And Readable Account Of The Mathematics Underlying Derivative Pricing And A Guide To Applying These Ideas To Solve Real Pricing Problems It Is Aimed At Practitioners And Researchers Who Wish To Understand The Latest Finance Literature And Develop Their Own Pricing Models The Authors Combination Of Strong Theoretical Knowledge And Extensive Market Experience Make This Book Particularly Relevant For Those Interested In Real World Applications Of Mathematical Finance This Revised Edition [ Pdf Financial Derivatives in Theory and Practice, Revised Edition » christian-contemporary-fiction PDF ] by P.
Hunt í Has Been Updated With Minor Corrections, And Now Includes A Dedicated Chapter Of Exercises And Solutions The Balance Of Rigor And Readability Makes The Book An Ideal Textbook For Masters And Postgraduate Students Of Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Calculus And Derivatives Pricing Detailed Coverage Of Interest Rate Derivatives, From Vanilla Instruments Through To Many Of The Exotic Products Currently Being Traded Overview Of Popular Term Structure Models Along With Their Relationships To Each Other Including Heath Jarrow Morton, Short Rate Models And The Latest Market Models Explanation Of Numeraires As A Modelling And Pricing Tool Pricing Models For Constant Maturity Swaps And Other Convexity Products Models And Efficient Algorithms For Path Dependent And Bermudan Swaptions Insights Into How To Go About Pricing Products Beyond Those Treated In The Text Accessible Yet Rigorous Treatment Of The Stochastic Calculus Required For Option Pricing A Chapter Of Exercises And Solutions Enabling Use As A Course Text Or For Self Study

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