slightly revised expanded version of alive and dead in indiana This is the second manifestation of Michael Martone s book of Indiana stories that started, nine strong, with the Gordon Lish edited Alive and dead in Indiana, added a couplestories and changed its title for this edition, then added another four to become the enlarged and possibly final Fort Wayne is Seventh on Hitler s List Indiana Stories.
I know little about Indiana and could barely point to it on a map of the USAyet I still liked the book The title story brings together almost anything to do with memories of the war, rumours during the war, things that might remind you of the war, and Fort Wayne Every Wednesday, when the sirens go offyou half expect to hear the planes, their names as recognizable as those of automobiles Heinkels lumber out of the eastStukas dive on the w Edition, ContainingStories Michael Martone Writes With Deep Affection For The Ordinary In His Hands, The Quotidian Dreams Of The American Heartland Are Transformed Louise Erdrich This Is A Marvelous Book What A Gift Richard Trailer » Fort Wayne Is Seventh on Hitler's List: Indiana Stories (Enlarged Edition) PDF by » Michael Martone Rhodes A terrific read for any Hoosier ð Fort Wayne Is Seventh on Hitler's List: Indiana Stories (Enlarged Edition) æ Some of the stories were good I think the last one relied too much on knowing obscure details about Dillinger 1 Jimmy Probasco was another small time crook that some people believe was the one really shot outside of the Biograph Theater and Manhattan Melodrama starring Clark Gable was theories that was playing.
Martone s collection is comprised completely of monologues exploring the relationship between fact and fiction as well as the intersection between fame and obscurity preface Like any collection, some stories are better than others I believe Everybody Watching and the Time Passing like that, a monologue by James Dean s high school drama teacher yes, the Rebel without a Cause James Dean, is worth the cost of the book I like my historical fiction factual and while I didn t verify every detail in the story, Martone s ability to weave fact within his fiction is exemplary.
Some interesting ideas in this book Not sure I got it Maybe too smart for me or maybe it s too abstract There didn t seem to be enough for me to sink my teeth into Everything smelled of cut and paste Was never too sure what Martone was getting at.
short stories about the midwest very tasty.

Every time the narrative moves outside of Fort Wayne, my attention span flickers Who the hell cares about Indianapolis, for example There is something unsettling about reading this book Indiana as an ethos, as a summer scent, as a state of mind is recognizable Yet I find my consciousness coming back to Joan Didion And in a world we understood early to be characterized by venality and doubt and paralyzing ambiguities, he suggested another world, one which may or may not have existed ever but in any case existed noDidion was talking about John Wayne, but the sentiment applies here just as well.
These Indiana stories weave together fact and fiction, offering a multi faceted perspective on some of our state s stories Excellent

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