I assume that the language isfluid in old French, as it was originally written Based on the fact that I still followed what was going on easily and was still amused by the jokes and over the top dramatics, I d say it was a very worthwhile read and a good way to expand my knowledge of the time period and of Arthurian legends.
Audible, Nicholas Boulton, Narrator Nicholas Boulton brings these medieval courtly romances alive I recommend this to those who hesitate to listen to medieval poetry That Chretien appreciated and liked women is clear in these stories Erec and Enide 1 8 Cliges 9 15 love sickness and hi jinks and gruesome torture Yvain 16 , in which we learnabout Sir Kay, he of the barbed tongue Romances From The Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table Erec Et Enide, Cliges, Yvain, And LancelotChr Tien De Troyes Was A French Poet And Trouv Re Who Flourished In The Late Th Century Little Is Known Of His Life, But He Seems To Have Been From Troyes, Or At Least Intimately Connected With It, And BetweenAndHe Served At The Court Of His Patroness Marie Of France, Countess Of Champagne, Daughter Trailer ☆ Romans de la Table Ronde: Erec et Enide, Cligés, Lancelot, Yvain PDF by Ð Chrétien de Troyes Of Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Perhaps As Herald At Arms As Gaston Paris Speculated His Work On Arthurian Subjects Represents Some Of The Best Regarded Of Medieval Literature Chr Tien De Troyes Is Generally Considered As The First Identified Major French Language Novelist Chr Tien S Works Include Five Major Poems In Rhyming Eight Syllable Couplets Four Of These Are Complete And Included Within This Book Erec And Enide CClig S CYvain, The Knight Of The Lion And Lancelot, The Knight Of The Cart Both Written Simultaneously BetweenAnd How can you possibly review a collection of stories which arethan 800 years old and which were a huge influence on Arthurian legend as a whole You can t I think ratings and reviews should compare books to others within the same general area There would be no point comparing an ancient Greek play, a biography, a YA vampire novel, an academic study and so on to each other because they aren t comparable I ve decided to give Four Arthurian Romances a rating of four stars on this basis Held up to a modern novel, the stories ramble, the characters are entirely unbelievable, the level of detail and, indeed, many of the details themselves are beyond excessive, the But none of this is the point Britain is a country rich in legend, some of the most popular of which is Arthu Matching Soundtrack King Crimson Prince Rupert Awakes This book is quiet good thinking that this book was chooses by my school to read I really liked it á Romans de la Table Ronde: Erec et Enide, Cligés, Lancelot, Yvain á How do you write a review of a classice that set the stage for a thousand King Arthur stories to follow Each one follows a distinct troubadour esque storyline of an undefeatable hero, who has the love and adoration of a Special Lady Each one has a variationexcept the one that is written by his patroness, Marie, Countess of Champagne Eleanor of Aquitaine s daughter That one is about Lancelot and Guinevere, and involves the heroic knight actually sleeping with Guinevere, and uh, no one tells King Arthur at all It s great Also, it appeared that de Troyes quit writing it Anyway, these were entertaining, but got repetitive.

There are some great stories in here that I am surprised are not already depicted in movies and art The idea of a man crossing a bridge that is a sword is incredible The story of Cliges and the faithful Fenice is romantic Poor Enide is the most noble lady I have read of in King Arthur s Court Yvain was sort of a moron, but I was interested to see the element of the ring giving and the promising to return in a year since it is common in Norse and English fairy tales.
Je donnerais 5 toiles sans h siter Chr tien de Troyes, mais je suis tr s d u par ce recueil, premi rement du fait que son titre m avait laiss croire qu il contenait l ensemble des romans de la table ronde, alors qu il fallait plut t le comprendre au sens o il en contient plus d un De mani re plus pr cise, le recueil contient des extraits d rec et nide, de Clig s ou la Fausse Morte, de m me que l enti ret de Lancelot le chevalier la charrette avec un r sum d une demi page de la suite crite par Geoffroy de Lagny et Yvain le chevalier au lion dans leur enti ret Ensuite, la pr face et les dossiers que l on trouve la fin sont tr s sommaires, les notes sont absentes de m me que les versions originales.
Ceci dit, les inventions de Chr tien ne manqueront pas de charmer son lecteur, de m me que l trange id al courtois qu il This is the old, and obsolete, W.
W Comfort prose translation from the early twentieth century he offered FOUR Arthurian romances by Chretien de Troyes, excluding the fifth, Perceval Since they are out of copyright, these translations are now being reprinted, complete or one at a time They are usually available very cheaply I suggest getting all four in one file, like this one, if you are interested, and can t afford the modern translations.

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