A really interesting concept for a collection of short stories As with most I found I enjoyed some than others, but overall found their creativity and topics quite interesting.
I find the work of Aboriginal writers enjoyably challenging, both thematically and structurally They find fascinating ways to use English that are fresh and unique I wish this book could have included stories or that there were a follow up volume.
Collection Of original Stories Written By Some Of The Country S Most Celebrated Aboriginal Writers, And Inspired By Pivotal Events In The Country S HistoryInspired By History, Our Story Is A Beautifully Illustrated Collection Of original Stories From Some Of Canada S Most Celebrated Aboriginal WritersAsked To Explore Seminal Moments In Canadian History From An Aboriginal Perspective, These Ten Acclaimed Authors Have Travelled Through Our Country S Past To Discover The Moments That Shaped Our Nation And Its PeopleDrawing On Their Skills As Gifted Storytellers And The æ Our Story: Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past ¹ Download by Û Thomas King Unique Perspectives Their Heritage Affords, The Contributors To This Collection Offer Wonderfully Imaginative Accounts Of What It S Like To Participate In History From A Tale Of Viking Raiders To A Story Set During The Oka Crisis, The Authors Tackle A Wide Range Of Issues And Events, Taking Us Into The Unknown, While Also Bringing The Familiar Into Sharper FocusOur Story Brings Together An Impressive Array Of Voices Inuk, Cherokee, Ojibway, Cree, And Salish To Name Just A Few From Across The Country And Across The Spectrum Of First Nations These Are The Novelists, Playwrights, Journalists, Activists, And Artists Whose Work Is Both Aboriginal And Uniquely CanadianBrought Together To Explore And Articulate Their Peoples Experience Of Our Country S Shared History, These Authors Grace, Insight, And Humour Help All Canadians Understand The Forces And Experiences That Have Made Us Who We AreMaria Campbell Tantoo Cardinal Tomson Highway Drew Hayden Taylor Basil Johnston Thomas King Brian Maracle Lee Maracle Jovette Marchessault Rachel Qitsualik I purchased this book to help with an Aboriginal Canadian history class I was in, and the storys that were placed within told of heartbreak, desire, loss, faith, broken dreams, and alcoholism The Native soul speaks through this book.
Some absolutely beautiful, touching and inspired short stories.
An excellent collection of short stories reflecting on aboriginal voices from the mythology of how the earth began to the conflict in Oka Arranged in chronological order and written by an exclusive group of native writers A must read.
¼ Our Story: Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past ↠´ Everybody should read these stories to learn about our aboriginals history Their voices tug at our heart strings and their words are unforgettable.

An excellent collection of stories Brian Maracle s The First Words stands out, and so do Basil Johnston s The Wampam Belt Tells Us, and Thomas King s Coyote and the Enemy Aliens The stories contained in this book really did open my eyes to the history and culture of the Native people in Canada Some I enjoyed than others, of course but all were entertaining and educational As much as I enjoyed the stories, I also enjoyed the contributor s notes It was interesting to see why each author chose the subject he she did Sometimes we forget that Native Canadians have a history that extends before the beginning of the European Canadian history As such, those were the stories I enjoyed the most Our Story should be required in all Canadian history classes.
Often with books with multiple stories I rate each story and tally up the rating but this book is getting a solid 3 stars I liked it I felt like it was very well put together, the authors are all very talented writers storytellers and I loved their stories on Canada s history It was very eye opening and if anything this book as encouraged me even to look for Indigenous authors Overall some of these stories were better then others and the last two stories had to be my favourite.

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