5 starsThis turned out to be a pretty solid thriller Maggie Carpenter is devastated to hear the news her daughter, Allison, died in a plane crash Even though they have been estranged for the last two years, Maggie is determined to find outabout Allison s life leading up to the crash Except wait, Allison didn t actually die, but she doesn t want people to know she survived either Told from the perspectives of a grieving mother searching for answers and a daughter who seems to be running from her past.
Even though the story isn t exactly perfect, I really couldn t turn the pages fast enough on this one as you can t help but feel invested in the characters, particularly the mother Maggie is what really drove the story in my opinion I m not even a parent but you do almost feel like you are grieving with her and 3.
5 stars for Jessica Barry s debut thriller, Freefall, a fast paced story of one woman s will to survive and her mother s determination to find her Allison Carpenter and her mother Maggie are estranged When Maggie learns that her daughter s airplane has gone down and she is presumed dead, she finds herself unable to accept it She needs answers Why was Alison in a private plane What has her life been like for the last 2 years The story chronicles both women s journey Allison is struggling to stay alive and make her way home She finds herself in harsh territory without supplies, battling both the weather and other sinister forces Maggie must face her complicated relationship with her daughter if she wants to uncover her secrets and ultimately find out what Propulsive Debut Novel With The Intensity Of Luckiest Girl Alive And Before The Fall, About A Young Woman Determined To Survive And A Mother Determined To Find HerWhen Your Life Is A Lie, The Truth Can Kill YouWhen Her Fianc S Private Plane Crashes In The Colorado Rockies, Allison Carpenter Miraculously Survives But The Fight For Her Life Is Just Beginning For Years, Allison Has Been Living With A Terrible [Jessica Barry] ↠´ Freefall [poverty PDF] read Online · Secret, A Shocking Truth That Powerful Men Will Kill To Keep Buried If They Know She S Alive, They Will Come For Her She Must Make It HomeIn The Small Community Of Owl Creek, Maine, Maggie Carpenter Learns That Her Only Child Is Presumed Dead But Authorities Have Not Recovered Her Body Giving Maggie A Shred Of Hope She, Too, Harbors A Shameful Secret She Hasn T Communicated With Her Daughter In Two Years, Since A Family Tragedy Drove Allison Away Maggie Doesn T Know Anything About Her Daughter S Life Now Not Even That She Was Engaged To Wealthy Pharmaceutical CEO Ben Gardner, Or Why She Was On A Private PlaneAs Allison Struggles Across The Treacherous Mountain Wilderness, Maggie Embarks On A Desperate Search For Answers Immersing Herself In Allison S Life, She Discovers A Sleek Socialite Hiding Dark Secrets What Was Allison Running From And Can Maggie Uncover The Truth In Time To Save Her Told From The Perspectives Of A Mother And Daughter Separated By Distance But United By An Unbreakable Bond, Freefall Is A Riveting Debut Novel About Two Tenacious Women Overcoming Unimaginable Obstacles To Protect Themselves And Those They Love This is well plotted, if unsurprising, and the pace is fast It s told from the alternating voices of the daughter and mother which work but there are mistakes that the editor should have caught Firstly, it is a character driven novel and the characterization should have been accurate The mother is depicted as nearing eighty years old as opposed to her actual age Next, please remember where your characters are The daughter receives a phone call while on a treadmill in the lower level of her building Huh She is living the life of luxury in a spacious home Finally, there is dangling loose end A body is left in a hotel room where presumably it will be found but I may be mistaken The murder has no consequences and the entire incident is simply dropped These flaws, although small, mar what could have been a terrific read.
ï Freefall ï You guys I just finished the most amazing book Twilight Just kidding I just finished Freefall by Jessica Barry, my first favorite of 2019 Congrats, Jessica Freefall is my kind of book Most books take forever to actually start the story but unlike most books, Freefall hits the ground running Literally The book opens with a plane crash with a sole survivor, Allison The book then switches back and forth between Allison and her mother, Maggie As Maggie tries to find her daughter and Allison tries to survive on her own,andgets slowly revealed As the story goes on both Maggie and Allison have flashbacks and slowly reveal the story By the end, I was wide eyed and stunned at what I had learned and was evenamazed by the way it had been slowly revealed Almost like when your in the shower and it slowly starts to get cold but you don t notice it until your shivering That s goes this bo This is a riveting debut thriller about survival and family from Jessica Barry In the Colorado Rockies, a private plane crashes, and remarkably, a battered and injured Alison lives, although her dead fiance, Ben Gardner, a Pharmaceuticals CEO is not so lucky In Maine, Alison s mother, the widow Maggie Carpenter receives the news that her estranged daughter, whom she has not been in contact with for two years, is missing, presumed dead A shocked Maggie s life is rocked, but she begins to harbour hopes and a conviction that Alison is alive, as she begins to delve into Alison s life in those two years and how she ended up flying on a private plane The narrative is written from the point of view of Alison and Maggie, going back and forth in time DNF at pg 214.
Sorry, just can t go any further It was too inconsistent and lacking believable character development Note to author I assure you that those of us who are older than the millennials are perfectly capable of navigating the internet, social media, and those new fangled smart phones So don t make one of your MC s technologically stupid and using ancient equipment because of her age The author probably thought those of us she offended couldn t possibly navigate a computer to leave a bad review.
Don t forget we are the generation who INVENTED these devices Don t insult your audience by portraying us as dinosaurs Matter of fact, while reading your book I was distracted by the smart phone at my side because I was bored.
Maybe I m just cranky and I have one nerve left that the

5 Stars rounded down Must read Suspense for Thriller Fans Could you survive if your plane crashed in the Colorado Rockies and you were the only survivor Allison Carpenter is about to find out She is presumed dead, thus no one is coming to her aid though much to her chagrin, someone is chasing her Allison had better use every survival skill she s ever learned if she has hopes of getting out of this predicament alive When Maggie Carpenter hears of the crash she can t believe it Her daughter Ally can t be dead but then she knows nothing of her daughter s life and hasn t had contact with her in years unbeknownst to the police or anyone else Maggie however knows that she has to investigate what she finds out about her daughter and her daughter s fianc seems impossible and I don t know about you, but sometimes when I m reading a book, something about the title triggers a song or even two in my brain, something that keeps running through my head the entire time Needless to say, I was glad I devoured Jessica Barry s Freefall in one day, because I don t know if I could have handled Tom Petty s Free Fallin running through my head longer than that If it gets stuck in your head, you re welcome Here are the facts I am alone I am on a mountain The plane I was on has crashed My body is covered in bruises and cuts and my left leg has a wound that will soon become infected if I don t clean it My finger is strained or broken and quickly swelling I have very little food and water The sun is still high but it will be dark in a few hours and my only shelter is a twisted hulk of metal that could, at any minute, explode Allison 4 exciting stars Freefall opens with Allison surviving a plane crash She is the lone survivor, and she s in the mountains with a smashed cell phone and few supplies The pilot was her fianc , and she has lost everything And guess what She actually doesn t want to be found On top of it all, someone is following her Across the country, Maggie, Allison s mom, has been told that her daughter likely died in the crash but Maggie refuses to give up hope and sets out on a determined search for her daughter She s also seeking understanding because she and Allison have been estranged Maggie and Allison are desperate to be reunited, and in their search and survival, that special, but complex, bond between mother and daughter is explored.
Wow, Freefall is a page turner It shows why survival stories are among my favorites Allison is strong and determined, and Maggie may be evenso Maggie became th

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