5 Stars Being in love with your best friend is rough, especially when the feelings are one sided I was Kyler s best friend And because of that, he would never love me the way I loved him.
Sydney has loved Kyler for as long as she can remember They have been best friends since they were children Kyler is a bit of a player understatement and Syd knows he doesn t see her that way She won t risk their friendship by letting him know how she feels Even though it hurts seeing him with girl after girl.
Kyler remembers when he and Sydney first became friends He was just the boy from the trailer park, and Sydney saw past that, saw the real him He has always cared for her Syd is different than any other girl She is special She is too good for any guy, especially him Any feelings he has for her, he covers up by being with random girls Syd would always deserve far better than th I can t believe this book It was so, what s the word Awful I know it s Jennifer Armentrout we re talking about but sadly all of her books except Covenant Series have the same bland characters I remember lusting over Daemon when Obsidian first came out but now I just can t remember why Most people, who obsessively read new adult novels will love her every book but I just wish it had substance Something other than a girl with self esteem issues, a guy who has abs to die for and a mile long peen It s getting pretty old and the sex scenes weren t that interesting because I felt like I read them in another NA novel Why doesn t anyone write a book about a nerdy guy and a freaky girl getting stuck together on a Twenty One Year Old Sydney, Being In Love With Kyler Isn T Anything New They D Been Best Friends Ever Since He Pushed Her Down On The Playground And She Made Him Eat A Mud Pie Somewhere Over The Years, She Fell For Him And Fell Hard The Big Problem With That Kyler Puts The Man In Man Whore He S Never Stayed With A Girl Longer Than A Few Nights, And With It Being Their Last Year In College, Syd Doesn T Want To [ Pdf Frigid ↠´ italian-literature PDF ] by J.
Lynn ↠´ Risk Their Friendship By Declaring Her Love Kyler Has Always Put Syd On A Pedestal That Was Too High For Him To Reach To Him, She S Perfect And She S Everything But The Feelings He Has For Her, He S Always Hidden Away Or Focused On Any Other Female After All, Kyler Will Always Be The Poor Boy From The Wrong Side Of Tracks, And Syd Will Always Be The One Girl He Can Never Have But When They Re Stranded Together At A Posh Ski Resort Due To A Massive Nor Easter, There S Nothing Stopping Their Red Hot Feelings For Each Other From Coming To The Surface Can Their Friendship Survive The Attraction Better Yet, Can They Survive At All Because As The Snow Falls, Someone Is Stalking Them, And This Ski Trip May Be A Life Changer In Ways Than One Okay, I CANNOT wait for this book I wanna read it so bad Plus, it s by JLA That means there s a 100% chance I m gonna love it to death.
And, aha, Kyler Kyler Kyler Kyler Have we all seen the drool worthy boy for him His real name is Adam, by the way Yeah I can t even.
Ahhh, this cover s going to be great, and then the book is going to be even greater, and this is just going to be AWESOME.
Personally, I think SHP should release it, like, now But hey, that s just me.
Either way, AHHHHHHHHH 3OH, and it s NA As if it couldn t get any better DIES UPDATE 1 28 2013A teaser Oh My Gosh Strong arms wrapped around my waist from behind I was pulled off the stool and my surprised shriek was cut off when my back hit an immoveable wall of muscle I was enveloped in a bear hug that smelled of the outdoors Disclaimer My thoughts on this book are my sole opinion and mine alone Please be respectful and mindful of that.
INITIAL REVIEW All that blank space up there That s me, after just finishing this book Which I m surprised I did, considering the amount of times I stopped reading to look at the clouds outside my window that were infinitely interesting than what I have just read Dear Lord, and here was me being nice and giving J Lynn another chance As soon as the Convenant series is done, I am done Done with everything.
NOW THAT I VE SIMMERED DOWN In the interest of those who actually want to read this book Consider yourself warned This review isn t going to be a lightly hashed recap of what I didn t like This isn t going to be me being all nice and lovely like I usually am I m annoyed, than usually so, and this time, I ve had enough, so I m going into full haul rant mode, Let us all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for the books you re planning to read after this one.
And let us pray that they re even half as good Jennifer Armentrout AKA the Yoda of sexual tension does it again with this book of scrumptious amazingness Seriously, I didn t even know you could write a sex scene like that GEEZ And it s not just the way this woman can write a sex scene that makes her writing so electric it s the way she architects her characters Sydney, for example, is so damn relatable and Kyler is so damn SEXY And it s the chemistry she creates between these two that s going to have you at the complete mercy of this book.
You ll see I was Kyler s best friend And because of that, he would never love me the way I loved him.
Ever since he pushed her off the merry go round as kids, Sydney and Kyler have b ↠´ Frigid ☆ 4.
5 THIS IS FOREVER STARS I was Kyler s best friend And because of that, he would never love me the way I loved him Misunderstanding s, unrequited love, secrets, drama, friendships and a whole lot of snow Frigid is a sweet, easy to read Romance and its a perfect addition to my easy to fall in love with books.
What s it all about Kyler Quinn and Sydney Bell have been best friends since well, forever They have shared life, friends and momentous occasions together but the one thing they haven t shared is their secret love for one another, but all that changes when these two meant to be characters are caught up in a snow storm which forces them to spend some quality alone time away from the distractions of Kylers m

What a wonderful, unexpected breath of fresh air I ve had such a hard time with the New Adult genre lately Too much DRAMA, too much ANGST, too many OVERREACTIONS and too many UNREALISTIC situations If I wanted to hear about that kind of thing, I d go ask my ten year old about the gossip going on in her fifth grade classroom There would be many, many BFFs crushing on the same cute boy and loads of OMG moments followed by mean girls ROTFL.
Fortunately, that was not the case here Sydney and Kyler s story felt realistic and heartwarming, just angsty enough to make my tummy clench, and ri dic u lously hot sexy times without any form of BDSM theme to be found This was truly a New Adult novel to sink into, and I did I read it in one sitting, staying up late long after my eyes wanted t VERY LOW 4 stars BUT I still loved SOOO much about this book Frigid is NOT my favorite book by this very talented authors, and as much as I loved it, I did have a few issues The constant misunderstandings and lack of communication throughout this WHOLE friends to lovers trope became tedious and tiring after awhile And even though I liked both of the main characters, Kyler s voracious man whoring ways was of a turn OFF for me, NOT a turn on I still fell in love with him but he was no Cam, Daemon, or Hunter As for Sydney, my heart ached for her throughout most of this story I found her character endearing and sweet but her constant lamenting and pining over her feelings for Kyler bordered on the pathetic and made her out to be somewhat of a door QUESTIONWhat s better than a six pack An eight pack Kyler In reality, even though I d been with everyone else, I d always been Syd s.
SydI ve loved you since you pushed me down on the playground I swear I ve loved you since then First of all , I can t believe that I m rating a J.
L Armetrout book with 4 stars.
It wasnt bad BUT Sydney was frustrating most of the times.
Secondly, shirtless guys should be banned.
Ohh WTH am I talking about The story Kyler and Syd grew up together They had known each other since they were kids and they were best friends Now that they have both grown up things and feelings have changed They are afraid to face or admit the truth but these two liked each other for a long time.
Kyler is your typical player type and definitely off limits to Syd.
On the other hand Syd hates messing around with

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