Fuckhead ✓ Darth Vader Syndrome When someone goes from being a whiny little bitch to an unstoppable bad ass, la Anakin to Vader in the Star Wars prequels urbandictionary,com, Oct 12, 2006 Darth VATER Syndrome When someone goes from being a whiny little bitch to an unstoppable bad ass writer, la David Rawson in Fuckhead And yetTo admit an ambivalence, a preternatural skepticism, a sort of exhausted toxicity of belief, from reading too many books with totally unreliable i.
e fucking with your head narrators James Frey and Lauren Slater immediately come to mind Genre blending, like gender bending, becomes a different kind of Crying Game The back cover categorization of the text as a Faux Memoir Literary Criticism leads one to suspect that Rawson might not only be fucking with a reader s notions of disability, also of Big Is A Fuckhead David Rawson S Fuckhead Is A Surreal Exploration Of The Literature, Film, Nature And Expectations Of Disability, And Of Fuckheads In Literature And Film Part Lyric Essay, Part Fictional Memoir, Rawson S Work Tells The Story Of An Unnamed Narrator Whose Familial Relationships Are Defined By His VATER Syndrome Abused By His Mother And Stripped Of A Voice By His Brother S Need To Be Tom Cruise Via Rain Man, He Sets ò Fuckhead À Download by ò David Rawson Out Into A Universe Of Literary Tropes In many ways this is a brave book Rawson does a great job of breaking down characters in books and film, such as Raymond in Rain Man, Fuckhead in Denis Johnson s Jesus s Son , and Lenny in Of Mice Men, while pointing out how many of these disabled characters in the classics are just tools to be returned to the shed , to further the plot, and or to bring about a change or development in the main character, without ever digging deep into the said disabled character s life, his her feelings, dreams, or desires, etc.
, or giving them a true voice Thus treating them as if they mattered Personally, as a disabled person, this fact never crossed my mind It was a short and fascinating read Yet in the end I was left wantingI wantedabout Rawson s own story,about how living with Darth Vader Syndrome shaped his li So, got this wonderful small book at AWP and, in spite of being exhausted and over stimulated, I read it all in one night It s an odd but very effective mixture of fiction and literary criticism with a focus on disability narratives, so exactly the kind of thing that would appeal to me The genre blending feels natural in this piece when often it doesn t work to mix narrative and discursive writing, or at least it doesn t work for me and the narrator is both compelling as a person and as a literary critic I LOVED this book and, if you re a literary or Disability Studies nerd like me, I think you ll love it, too

This one was picked up off the local zine shelf during my first visit to Mutiny Info Cafe on Tuesday, where I accidentally encountered a poetry reading event The whole evening left me unsettled and tired which feels tangential to this honest, smart, angry book I felt like Rawson was telling the truththan I usually do even with nonfiction.
Where to begin Fuckhead is a novella that blurs the line between reality and fiction In all honesty, I just now came to the realization that it wasn t a full memoir Fuckhead is about two brothers, one a writer with a disability who is our narrator, and the other who is by all accounts a healthy man except for his two year stint with cancer The novella focuses on the writer and his disability, VATER, as he recounts experiences in his life which helped him to understand his role as disabled Prior to the events of the book, the narrator and the brother had a falling out due to the narrator publishing a book which borrowed some of his cancer experiences The memoir side of the novella addresses the narrator s role in the lives of those around him but there is also a literary analysis angle, which seeks to understand the disabled through pop culture The narrator pul

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