HmmmIs it bad that the only part I liked was when the earl Cherry had just married bit the dust Never fear , Miss Black I take care of all my pets Damn this book robbed me of all my emotions I wasn t sure if I was happy or angry or happily angry or something else entirely Uploaded with ImageShack.
usAnd so the misadventures of Miss Cherry St.
Croix continues One Month Later And Cherry is still trying to find the mad scientist who almost killed her trying to bring a dead woman back to lifeI m being absolutely vague here The identity of the scientist and the woman are major spoilersShe is also trying to find the Sweet tooth orlikely known as Jack the ripper , AND she is also looking for the other collector who , FYI , is a total loon Psycho loco bitch for sure who is making her life a living hell Add to that , a new mystery , looking for the murderer who is cleverly killing off professors Now we know all these murderers are different people , but the big question Second Book In Karina Cooper S Stunning Steampunk Series Featuring Fearless Heroine Cherry St Croix, In Which She Is Faced With Two Men After Her Heart And One Killer Out For Her Blood In The Gleaming Heights Of Victorian London, A World Of Deception Awaits An Unconventional Society Lady Whose Taste For Adventure Makes Her A Most Formidable AdversaryThough Society Demands That I Make A Good Marriage, I, Cherry St Croix, Have Neither The Time Nor The Interest [ Pdf Gilded ✓ bisexual PDF ] by Karina Cooper µ I Am On The Trail Of A Murder With No Victim, A Mystery With No Motive, And The Key To An Alchemical Formula That Could Be My Family S LegacyYet The World Is Not So Kind As To Let Me Pursue Simple Murder And Uncomplicated Bounties Above The Foggy Drift, An Earl Insists On My Attention, While My Friends Watch My Increasingly Desperate Attempts To Remain My Own Woman From The Silken Demands Of The Midnight Menagerie To Whose Dangerously Seductive Ringmaster I Owe A Debt To The Rigorous Pressures Of The Peerage, All Are Conspiring To Place Before Me A Choice That Will Forever Change My Life Cherry St Croix is a lady of Society that is living a dual life with that of a Collector She has 2 men that make her pulse increase and a serial killer toying with her Her life is unconventional so she doesn t understand the interest of the Earl Never wanting to lose her freedom, Cherry must continue to make drastic choices to insure her future Gilded is highly complex and I ve decided not to give anystory details in fear that I may give away something that you should experience for yourself.
This book was bloody brilliant My reaction after reading Gilded was bereft that it is over and a bit of awe at what a marvelous story I love steampunk and if you looked up the definition of steampunk this book should be referenced It had a fabulous historical atmosphere with the perfect amount of gadgets and scientific advanced I loved this book Karina Cooper weaved a fantasti ↠´ Gilded Å 4.
5 5 The ending in this book is such a shocker, ladies and gents I wanted to scream with frustration Miss Cooper doesn t end her books with a cliffhanger per se, but she definitely knows how to end a book with a bang There isdarkness and desperation in Cherry this time She feels trapped By her debt to Karakash Veil, by the societal obligations and by her worsening addiction to opium It s hard and painful to read about her horrible descent into abyss, but it s necessary too.
Sometimes a heroine needs to hit rock bottom to truly find what she is made of, I hope that s where we find how really awesome Cherry would become.
In this book she is still trying to find the mysterious Ripper and the traces of an alchemical form Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.
Quick Dirty Woman on a mission to discoverabout her father and circumvent the rules and regulations of her place in society lives two lives But will she charm you Opening Sentence When I was ten years of age, Monsieur Marceaux s Traveling Circus retained a new magician.
The Review Normally I don t look at reviews prior to reading a book but this cover art had me very concerned I get that the publisher was trying to visually display to the book buying public that this book isgritty than your run of the mill romance The only thing that it served for this reader was to bump it down to the Must Be read category rather than I can t wait to read it category.
My intuition about this book unfortunately proved to be true despite the numerous glowing reviews I Rounding up because while Gilded still has some of the issues I complained about in Tarnished THE ENDING just about made me scream Our dear Miss St Croix is at quite a crossroads as this story ends and I literally have no idea what direction she will go and how it will all shake out Where is book 3 I don t even see mention of it and that makes me sad Screw this book I m so mad, I can t even write anything intelligent about it I m going to create my own fantasy ending, wherein the last 30 pages don t happen, and just before those, the Too Stupid To Live heroine dies a horrible gruesome death Which would have made this book a Happily Ever After, at least for me.

Recommendation If you enjoy Steampunk with a sassy heroine who fights crime than give this one a try.
Gilded is the second book in the St Croix Chronicles by Karina Cooper Steampunk is this series beautiful home and that in and of itself makes me happy I adore Steampunk and hot men and this series has both Before I expound upon this amazing book I must emphasize that if you have not read Tarnished, you must I will say it didn t rate as well as this book, but you need it to set the stage The actors and actresses are introduced and the plot must be set only then can you enter Gilded.
I think this was the first book that as I was reading I didn t want to take notes of what was going on I wanted to write letters to the characters I know this isn t a new idea, but for me, I don t Seemed promising to begin with but was very disappointing It gets two stars one and a half really I suppose because it had patches of feminism and even though I think in many ways Cherry was a sell out there wasn t theobvious romantic bent to that.
It s a well imagined steampunk world with potentially fertile explorations of class, gender, social mobility, wealth and identity It seems to degenerateoften than not into the spectacular by which I mean the chapter is just a spectacle with no real content of clothes, settings and movie like sets Characters seemed to be underdeveloped and there are some troubling stereotypes e.
g the good feminist is attractive, radiates sexuality and a sort of tragedy whereas the bad feminist is unattractive to men, to society women and really just a hyena in a petticoat Women are uncomlica

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