This is a difficult book to review because while I didn t like it I did learn a lot from it about the industry Sadly the book itself was a failure in many ways Starting off with the writing, while the author is not without some talent in setting some scene and describing some pretty gross situations, the fundamentals seem shaky Often this comes across as a blog describing a series of events and all the drugs that went into making them happen Too often she tries to show everything, and the parade of physical and psychological abuse is never interspersed with appropriate context At the heart of the problem is that the story does not develop, the characters do not grow, the experience stop giving insight into anything It s a memoir without the necessary re Oriana Small is a big talent as a writer And one of great charm as well And it is unusual for me to find great charm in the world of Porn Nevertheless Girlvert is a journey into the heart of the valley San Fernando Valley to be exact , the headquarters that is everything Porn.
I used to work on Sherman Way in Reseda in the 80 s and I would see many of the sex club workers, porn actors and actresses as well as all the other by products of that field and era Boogie Nights captures that time, place and period quite well, and Girlvert also gives me a birds eye view of porn filming and living Although the world in the book takes place in the 21st Century, it still seems very 80 s like Some things never change.
Oriana Small is a porn actress who goes by the name of Ashley Blue, and appeared in A really intense, raw account of Orianna s adventures in porn that is as hardcore as it gets There is a lot of human ugliness in this book, and its not all from porn, a lot of it involves romantic relationships As someone who appreciates the grotesque, especially when it comes to sex and sadness, I really enjoyed this book The ending, with her and Dave Naz s love story, is a bit rushed, but a solid perusal of her blog will fill in the details about what s happened since they met.
One major thing to dislike, though, was the constant hating on prostitutes and their assumed motivations for working in the sex industry Disrespecting other sex workers for their decisions and line of work is not a good look.
Frightening what the human body is capable of A sad look at the low self esteem of these stars and the need to be completely off their heads on drugs to go through with what they do on camera Fascinating read.
Girl Pervert Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, A Veritable Artist At Heart, Weaves Through The Intricacies Of A Decade In And Out Of The Adult Film Industry, Love, Drugs, And Her Own Firebrand Of What It Means To Live Ecstatically From Accolades To Agony, Girlvert Illuminates The Surreality Of A Life Lived Beyond All Comprehension If Hemingway Had Been A Porn Star, This Is How He Would Have Written The Nervous Breakdown Oriana Small Has Pushed Herself To The Outermost Extremes Of What The Body And [ read Online Girlvert ٠theosophy PDF ] by Oriana Small  Mind Are Capable Of All Before Turning Thirty Years Old And Now She S Made It An Authentic read For The Rest Of Us To Marvel At, Elevating The Depravity And Denial Inherent In The Pornographic Arts To A Singular Literary Experience James Frey

Fascinating book.
I ve always been very liberal regarding porn, and people who want to work in the sex industry Everybody has the right to choose what to do with their bodies.
But the interesting thing here is throughout the authors recounting of her experiences in porno, she very much expresses that she was in charge, the power lay with her, she made all of the decisions And yet as you read it, you realise how much this young woman has been raped and abused and forced into things.
But because she loved the abusers forcing her to do things, it was okay , it seemed like it was her choice , and she was therefore fine with it.
I mean the catalogue of abuse when she s first getting into porn, being egged on by her abusive controlling boyfriend who she loved and would do anything for, including essentilaly being raped is really hard to read I wasn t sure how to rate this It s always hard for me to rate memoirs because it feels weird to evaluate such a personal story I admire and appreciate anyone who is willing to expose themselves by writing a book about their most personal experiences The actual story being told in Girlvert is pretty brutal I don t watch porn but for some reason I like to read porn memoirs I erroneously thought that this book was afeminist take on the porn industry I was wrong as hell The author specializes in super hardcore pornography that sounds degrading and physically and emotionally painful I struggled to understand how a woman could perpetuate the intensely negative view of women that her films exemplify Small says it s acting out rape or violence against women as fantasy, as if that somehow justifies portraying characters who are abused so egregio Ô Girlvert Ô I ve read a number of these porn performer memoirs and they are a mixed bag This one was quite well written certainly better written than Insatiable Porn A Love Story, for example However, it was really difficult to read because the author goes in to extreme detail about many, many degrading sexual acts Now I need a shower.
Being human is an inherently ugly and attractive ordeal Pornography is an inherently ugly and attractive occupation So why is Oriana Small the only seasoned insider to have the ovaries to tell it like it is in the sugarcoated wasteland of wannabe Hollywood glamour pap and or tunnel visioned remorse sans responsibility, after school special isms that so many other forays into pornographic memoir have produced Because she s human and isn t afraid to admit it, she has needs and desires that are sometimes conflicting, she had a job like any other job at times, unlike any other for most of us, sometimes better, sometimes worse she dared to dip her toe into something so taboo that 90% of the public opinion about it

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