the best graffiti pictures from any book i ve read, only writing the was in the book were the names of the artists, bot enough writing Graffiti Planet Is A Collection Of Work From Various Artists That Celebrates The Endless Creativity Of The Medium, And Of The Artists ThemselvesGraffiti Or Street Art Has Become A Significant Art Form In The Last Twenty Years And, Ever Controversial, Has Transformed Urban Landscapes All Over The WorldFeaturingGlossy Photos Of Groundbreaking Graffiti And Including An Introduction From Ket, A Legend On The Graffiti Scene, Graffiti Planet Is A Great Introduction And The Perfect Companion For Anyone Excited By This Most Vibrant é read Graffiti Planet: The Best Graffiti from Around the World by KET ✓ And Democratic Of Art Forms G Raffiti Planet Showcases Work By The Following Artists Among Others Can Munich Bates Copenhagen Banksy London Loomit Germany CES The Bronx, New York Os Gemeos Sao Paolo Sento Hawaii T Kid The Bronx, New York I am a bit of a fan of Graff books, and this catalogue by KET is pretty awesome, though not the best I have still, get on it.
Graffiti is so fucking ugly.
Graffiti Planet: The Best Graffiti from Around the World ✓ anyone who says graffiti is not art is a punk, and it s IMPOSSIBLE to say after seeing this book just mind blowing work from around the world Incredible.

A neat little collection of graffiti and street art from around the world.
Is the best graffiti from around the world, as the book s cover proclaims Not quite But there is a nice variety of styles represented here, and all of them are for lack of a better phrase pretty neat.
I don t know the history of graffiti and street art and or when a distinction between the two might have developed This was published in 2007, so I wonder if, back then, the work of someone like Banksy was considered on par with someone spray painting their name in a large, colorful, expressive style, hence their inclusion side by side here.
I mdrawn to the former type of street art than the latter, but that s not to suggest one is better than the other I like the work of Banksy and other artists for their sense of humor and their politics But so, too, d I was hoping from the cover that this book would containpolitically minded or clever work like Banksy does, but the majority of it is elaborate writing tagging type of stuff That stuff is impressive in its own right, I was just hoping for something a little different.

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