This wasn t as good as Gratz s other titles It was hard to connect with either protagonist and a lot of the culture was over my head Good story though, and I m sure very interesting for middle school children, but I definitely didn t feel as passionate about this one as I did with Refugee.
Grateful to scholasticinc for this free book5 for this moving novel by AlanGratz As with all of Gratz s historical novels, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire book, I was deeply connected to the characters and I learned about history The Battle of Okinawa, one of the final battles of WWII before the atomic bomb dropped on Japan, is not anything I have ever studied in depth It was heart wrenching to learn how Okinawans were treated as pawns in a larger war There is nothing pretty about war and Gratz portrays that fact from both the young American soldier perspective Ray and the even younger Okinawan civilian Hideki Gratz includes a 6 page author s note at the end that gives further context for the B Grenade is a heart racing historical fiction novel centered on the island of Okinawa during World War II It is written from alternating perspectives 1 Fourteen year old Hideki is from the island of Okinawa He is part of the Blood and Iron Student Corps that is fighting with Japan He was handed two grenades as he heads off across the island in hopes of stopping the Americans 2 Ray is a fairly young we know he s at least 18 American Marine who just landed at Okinawa He s heading across the island in hopes of conquering Japan In one stunning moment, both stories collide and Hideki s and Ray s worlds are forever changed.
There were some horrors you couldn t fight and couldn t change The real courage was just in enduring them.
Yet another excellent historical fiction book by Alan Gratz that examines World War II and provides much needed e Alan Gratz wrote on a variety of topics early in his career as a junior novelist, but wartime historical fiction is where his reputation was forged Prisoner B 3087, Code of Honor, Projekt 1065, and Refugee all preceded Grenade, so that by the time this novel of World War II Japan arrived, a generation of young readers was eager to visit the past again with Alan Gratz The story begins April 1, 1945 on Okinawa, a Japanese island the Allied armies must conquer before progressing to the mainland Japan is the only Axis power still fighting, but fourteen year old Hideki Kaneshiro and the boys of Okinawa don t know theirs is a lost cause They ve left their families to train as soldiers of the Blood and Iron Student Corps, the last line of defense between the Imperial Japanes New York Times Bestseller It S , And The World Is In The Grip Of WarHideki Lives On The Island Of Okinawa, Near Japan When WWII Crashes Onto His Shores, Hideki Is Drafted Into The Blood And Iron Student Corps To Fight For The Japanese Army He Is Handed A Grenade And A Set Of Instructions Don T Come Back Until You Ve Killed An American SoldierRay, A Young American Marine, Has Just Landed On Okinawa He Doesn T Know What To Trailer Ù Grenade PDF by º Alan Gratz Expect Or If He Ll Make It Out Alive He Just Knows That The Enemy Is EverywhereHideki And Ray Each Fight Their Way Across The Island, Surviving Heart Pounding Ambushes And Dangerous Traps But When The Two Of Them Collide In The Middle Of The Battle, The Choices They Make In That Instant Will Change EverythingFrom The Acclaimed Author Of Refugee Comes This High Octane Story Of How Fear Can Tear Us Apart, And How Hope Can Tie Us Back Together

4 I had high expectations for this book after having thoroughly enjoyed Alan Gratz s Refugee This book did not disappoint however, because the book is about an incredibly violent battle of WWII, there were graphic scenes that served to help readers to understand the terror that occurred on the tiny island of Okinawa Readers first meet Hideki at his school as his island is being bombed at 2am by American troops Hideki and his Okinawan classmates are being graduated and sent to war, as the inevitable American invasion is impending Young Hideki and his classmates are given 2 grenades to use in the battle one for Americans and one for taking their own lives At this point, readers will bristle, wondering with the Japanese army is asking young people to take their l Ï Grenade Ï Grenade, by Alan Gratz is an amazing book I would recommend this book to everyone who likes Alan Gratz s other books and who likes war books This book is sad, anticipating and energizing It makes you think, whats going to happen next It s about a boy who is in the heart of the WW2 war with Japan and America fighting for justice and revenge His mission is to get out safely, find his sister and family and survive My favorite part is when he meets his sister again because it s sad and happy at the same time I finished this book a day ago and I don t have any regrets on this book E ARC from Edelweiss PlusHideki is about to graduate from his school when the American ships appear outside of Okinawa He and his classmates are each given two hand grenades, and told to kill as many Americans as they can with the first one and kill themselves with the second Hideki has already been separated from his family, who have been evacuated to mainland Japan He sets off across the island and is not quite sure what to do, other than to try to survive At the say time, Ray, an American soldier, lands on the island He has been taught some rudimentary phrases and has been instructed to try to save the native Okinawans, although his fellow soldiers feel that you can t necessarily tell them from the Japanese and have an alarming tendency to strafe an Gratz once again proves himself to be the master of middle grade historical fiction.

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